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The 2015 Castorama kitchens that inspire us

No need to hide it from you: when we wrote, we fell in love with the 8 inspirational kitchens created by Castorama. There are a lot of ideas and even some decorative solutions that we had not imagined: mixture of materials, return of the mineral and shades of
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Yellow brightens the house!

Since yellow is the color that evokes the sun, it is also the color of warmth and sunny days. Also, to bring spring into its interior, we put on yellow in the decor. The good news is that it fits many styles. Demonstration in pictures.
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A contemporary style splashback

In contemporary cuisine, the splashback can take on multiple appearances! She uses materials such as tiles, glass, stainless steel or more original elements such as the magnetic board in order to be aesthetic and practical. Here are some credenzas that will find their
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