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Playful lighting for the nursery

Playful lighting for the nursery

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When decorating the nursery, the choice of lighting comes. We put on playful and soft lamps, which can take many forms. Indeed, there are unusual suspensions, night lights in the shape of animals, lamps with subliminal messages or unusual wall lights that will delight baby. Whether it is to reassure your child, bring color to the room or simply better light it up, there is no shortage of choices. Light on these very decorative lighting.

A wall lamp for future pilots!

La Redoute Like many little boys, your child dreams of becoming a pilot? Make him imagine himself at the controls of a fighter plane with this playful and colorful wall light. Nothing can prevent him from having sweet dreams.

Create a fabric lamp

Blog Aux Petits Merveilles This blogger had the good idea to make a funny star-shaped lamp herself. It's up to you to choose a pink or blue fabric, depending on your child's gender, and voila! Source: Blog To Little Wonders

A fairy garland

Le Repère des Belettes In a baby room, the garland allows your baby to wake up but it also has the advantage of not occupying much space if you fix it on the wall. Here, its cloud form is conducive to escape and a nap with confidence.

Opt for a reassuring night light

Philips If your child is having trouble sleeping at night, you can put a comforter or animal-shaped night light on their bedside table. He will therefore feel reassured and ready to spend a peaceful night away from nightmares.

A cloud-shaped sconce

Ferm Living To keep baby's universe clean and zen, this cloud-shaped wall lamp is ideal. By day, it is part of the pastel decor of the room, by night it subtly lights a section of wall so that your toddler is reassured.

For superhero fans!

Émilie et Compagnie The trend of the moment is undoubtedly the lighting with writing that can be changed endlessly. Here, the lamp is perfect for a little boy and a future fan of superheroes ready to save the planet!

A lamp in the shape of a unicorn

Kas Design The nursery must appeal to the imagination of your little girl or your little boy. And this can go through the decoration of the room. The proof, this unicorn-shaped lamp will take him into a magical universe of which only he has the secret.

Toys under bells

La Tête dans le Bocal Here are some unusual light fixtures! The brand La Tête dans le Bocal lives up to its name since it is at the origin of these table lamps or playful portable lamps which enclose a light bulb and a toy (figurine of a Disney character, Playmobil, animal…) in a glass jar.

A cat-shaped night light

Vertbaudet Animals find their place everywhere in the nursery, and especially in the form of a night light that you can place on a chest of drawers or on a bedside table. All you have to do is choose your child's favorite animal.

Choose a timeless pendant light

Ikea This type of suspension allows both to light a good part of the surface of the room but also to see baby grow without going out of fashion or being too marked. Install it on the ceiling above a cradle, a changing table or a future desk.

Boats like no other

Goodnight Light We love these night lights in the shape of paper boats! Colorful and refined, they can be placed anywhere in a bedroom and can be moved as desired. Be careful not to put them in the water!

A lamp that blends in with the decor

Rapid Gift This lamp hangs on the wall neither seen nor known! You just have to stick wall stickers or a frieze of wallpaper to create a real decor in the nursery. Another idea to help your baby grow: wallpaper to be colored so that drawing on the walls is no longer prohibited.

Adopt an XXL lamp!

Nedgis For a unique atmosphere, consider installing an XXL lamp in the shape of an animal. It will light up the whole room while being fun for your little one. You can also place beanbags or a play mat next to it to create a play corner for baby.

Multiply light sources

Maisons du Monde If you have trouble deciding to light up the baby's room, consider multiplying the lights by installing a light garland, a bedside lamp and a night light so that your baby evolves in a subdued atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in the Disney universe

Lighting Choose a lamp with the image of Disney characters so that your baby is cradled in a magical and imaginative atmosphere. The little extra? This pendant light also acts as a mobile with these small hanging shapes that will help your child fall asleep faster.

A graphic suspension

Fly Here is a light that can go as well in a baby's room as in a child's room, and you thus avoid changing all the decoration when your little boy or your little girl will have grown. This model brings a playful and graphic touch.

Pineapple is decoration

Womb It is one of the trendy lights of the moment. The table lamp in the shape of a colorful pineapple is emulating and would perfectly find its place in a baby's room. The proof, to light a bed or a play corner, it is both playful and original.

A two in one pendant light

Etikolo Can we combine mobile and baby lamp? Well yes ! This model allows both baby to fall asleep but also to light the bed if necessary with its bright characters. We love the varied colors and the different fabrics used.

A cat ... or almost!

Pure Deco To accustom baby to animals, especially if you have a pet at home, nothing like a lamp in the shape of a cat or dog. Choose a compact model to place on the floor or on a side table.

A winter look for the little ones

AM.PM. Winter is fast approaching and with it the decor must adopt a more natural look. In a baby room or a child's room, a lamp in a rabbit firm will be emulated! Place it on the floor or on a bedside table.

Unmount your lamp endlessly

Tetris Light Paladone This is something to amuse baby! We bet he will never tire of making and unmaking this Tetris lamp, each light part of which can nest in a multitude of different ways. This will also allow your toddler to test his logic from an early age.

Natural materials

Zolpan In this very natural nursery, the furniture is in wood and the pendant light too. You can customize the latter by adding small colored pennants or by hanging plastic birds for example.

A colorful merry-go-round

Trousselier Like a lamp and a merry-go-round, this light allows you to spread pretty landscapes and funny characters on the walls of the baby's room. You can opt for a musical model that will help baby fall asleep to the sound of a lullaby.

A decorative baby room

L'Arbre aux Souhaits It is not because your child is very small that he should not have the right to a modern and trendy room! Opt for a playful lamp in the shape of an ice cream cone, which you can put on the floor or on a stool.

Lamps in the colors of autumn

AM.PM. To be in tune with the season, these mushroom-shaped lamps will find their place perfectly in a natural nursery with wooden furniture and beige tones. You can place several with different colored hats.

Bright cabins

Maisons du Monde In a baby room or a child's room, we put on painted wooden birdhouses that bring a soft light when the evening comes. With a tree branch wall sticker, you can create a magical decor.

An ice cream you can't eat!

Not so wise It is well known, babies put everything in their mouths. But if they wear this bright ice cream on their lips, no risk! This lamp does not risk injuring them or melting but will bring an unusual touch to the bedroom.

Traveling in space from your cradle

AM.PM. This room with cosmos decor is ideal for a little boy. And so that there is no false note in the decor, even the suspension has the air of a planet. It only remains for baby to have sweet dreams.

A girly unicorn

The Avant-Gardiste In a little girl's bedroom, you can easily bet on a beautiful, bright pink unicorn. The little extra? It will diffuse a very feminine pink light throughout the room. What to make jealous among his girlfriends!

A playful wall light

Vertbaudet A watering can in flowers, that's enough to set the tone in a little girl's room. Here's a great way to brighten up the bedroom walls while ensuring a soft light source for baby.

A night light

Pabobo To bring softness and comfort to newborns at night, we install a pretty night light with changing colors. A mini rainbow cradles their sleep, all broadcast by very cute animals. Inevitably, we crack!

A cloud suspension

Vertbaudet Because the ideal decor of the baby's room is full of sweetness and tenderness, there is no reason for the suspensions to escape the rule. Precisely, here is one head in the clouds, recalling the soft and comfortable universe of the baby cradle. Everything to make sweet dreams come true.

A multicolored light garland

Tse & Tse Rainbow of subdued colors in the nursery: this light cube garland has enough to brighten up the space. The atmosphere is poetic…

A star lampshade

Vertbaudet Soft light and a stream of stars, this round lampshade like a balloon creates a cocooning atmosphere in baby's room. Adorning the ceiling with delicacy is also a very wise choice!