10 ideas to steal from retro kitchens

10 ideas to steal from retro kitchens

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To revive the charm of the past in the kitchen, several possibilities. We have retained 10 of their well-kept secrets having the power to transport our stoves in the 1950s.

Ingredients that are exposed

Ikea The kitchens of yesteryear had the gift of hiding nothing. On a trolley, open shelves and a display cabinet: they displayed everything everything (flour, vinegar, oil, cookies ...). It's up to us to do the same…

Pans on the wall

Ikea Ah the pans! In the kitchens of yesteryear, they were popular! It is up to us to give them back this prominent place on the walls, with copper pots for preferred models, if possible in unlimited series.

Greenery inside

Ikéa Bringing nature inside was the specialty of cuisines of the time, especially those of family houses and country style. A branch of a tree as a splashback bar, green shoots in a vase here and there, ivy climbing around the door: there are many possibilities to follow this natural craze of the past.

Pretty jars

Ikéa Jam or confectionery: we put everything in "grandma" style glass jars. These same jars that are then displayed on the shelf or the kitchen worktop, as if they were his most beautiful works…

Patinated furniture

Maisons du Monde Skating the kitchen furniture, this will not give them a facelift, but make them fall back in the 1950s, with just a brushstroke.

Flowery patterns

Fly Flower wallpaper is back in fashion. And it is precisely to give a retro effect to our interiors. No way as the kitchen misses out on this audacious bias.

Brick or stone walls

Ikéa To stir the authenticity of the kitchen, we prefer raw walls (bricks, stones ...), even using trompe-l'oeil materials to get the same result!

An old-style washbasin

Eurodif There was a time when classic sinks were not built into the kitchen worktop, but proudly placed on top. So why not reconnect with this highlighting?

Out of the ordinary colors

Ikéa To revive the retro country style, why not dare an unexpected color in the kitchen? A pastel, an old rose or a pistachio green, and time travel is guaranteed!