Unusual: 10 ideas for vases and flower pots to improvise yourself

Unusual: 10 ideas for vases and flower pots to improvise yourself

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Want to see life in bloom, but not want to spend a penny? Good pick. To appropriate new decorative vases and original flower pots at zero euros, here are 10 good ideas for diverting objects to be stolen. Chic, ingenious and intensely creative…

Tins for a touch of industrial style

Decobrico Do not throw away your cans anymore! These are worth keeping, even after use. The reason: once empty, they transform into excellent containers for flowers and green plants, a touch of country or industrial style. The decor idea: customize them with a lace doily and a string. Source: Decobrico

The miniature eggshell vase

Golden royal Easter brought us a nice idea of ​​diverting objects: transforming an eggshell into a miniature flowerpot for our tulips. For more effect, place each of your shells in a cardboard box provided for this purpose! Absolutely cute! Source: Golden royal

A diverted book

Quality houses Pocket novel or large format book: this could easily be diverted into a flowerpot for the home. Where to give a natural touch to your space at a lower cost! Source: Quality houses

The decanters have not said their last word

Rosa Clará Small or large, transparent or colored, the carafes bring us comfort when we put our bouquets in a vase! The rendering is offbeat and sophisticated. Perfect for a country wedding decor. Source: Chill deco

British time

Harvest There is better than throwing away metal tea cans or those that are no longer used: reuse their container to grow mini green plants or plant small bouquets of flowers! Source: A mesa com charme

Second life for my shoes

Dominique Bowe City shoes or shoes, shoes also lend themselves to play. Filled with soil and plants, they transform brilliantly into unusual and offbeat flower pots for the garden. Source: BricoBistro

Printed paper for ecological decoration

A mouse in my closet If there are paper bags in your closets that you no longer use, know that by filling them with soil and seeds, they will transform brilliantly, into a vase or chic flower pots , green and unusual! So tempted? Source: A mouse in my closet

Very aerial soliflores

Manel / Flickr For a beautiful summer decoration, make these sublime aerial soliflores using used bulbs and a few flowers from your garden. Source: Flickr

A diverted beer pack

Atypyk Incredible but true! A beer pack can also easily be used as a container for your flowers! A most unusual idea that will undoubtedly appeal to beer lovers! Source: