Ideas for hosting animals in the garden

Ideas for hosting animals in the garden

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The Jardins, Jardin show was an opportunity to discover a growing trend in the garden: welcoming animals! Today, we no longer hesitate to transform our garden into a mini-farm or to preserve biodiversity thanks to little tricks that allow us to welcome animals in our own garden.

A hotel for insects

Gally Thanks to this mini-hotel, insects will have the choice to settle. They will find their place in the bamboo stems, in the holes made in the wood or in the bread apples at the bottom.

A tower for insects

Gally Why not install a real totem pole that will accommodate many biodiversity stakeholders in the garden? Thanks to these different boxes, the insects will be delighted.

A traditional chicken coop

Jardipolys To have fresh eggs, nothing like a hen in the garden. Your outdoor space then takes on the air of the countryside thanks to this traditional chicken coop whose natural materials stick perfectly to the garden.

A design chicken coop

Creative shoot Who said hens and design are not compatible? We can install a pullet in a small chicken coop that takes on a designer look in the garden to stick to your furniture.

A birdhouse

Fleux What if birds nest in your garden? We can install a wooden box with a hole that allows them to nest while being protected both in summer and winter.

A bird feeder

Nature and Discoveries Birds also settle in your garden thanks to a small hut in which you can deposit seeds to feed the sparrows and other birds in your garden to enjoy their song.

A rabbit hutch

Jardiland Children love rabbits so to make them happy, we can install a hutch in the garden to install some animals with big ears. Your garden comes to life.

Some fish in a pond

Eric Lenoir It is not only aquariums that allow you to enjoy some fish! You can indeed opt for a pond in the garden where you can install some goldfish.

A hedgehog cabin

Truffaut The little hedgehogs in the garden also have their new home! They can be installed in a small sheltered box. As for you, you can enjoy the spectacle by opening the lid.