First Sentou collection at Monoprix: our selection at less than 50 euros

First Sentou collection at Monoprix: our selection at less than 50 euros

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Kaleidoscope, this is a word that announces color! For the first time, Monoprix calls on the legendary Sentou publishing house and offers psychedelic-looking pieces on its shelves. Cushions, trays, tea towels are adorned with colors that are reminiscent of the seventies. Adepts of tangy notes, this collection is made for you ... Go for it, you only have until April 15 to enjoy it!

Bright color for the cushions

Sentou Monoprix Adding pep to your decor with this bright pink cushion is child's play. On the living room sofa, in a wooden rocking chair or on the bed, he takes care of waking everything up. 30 euros

Psychedelic porcelain

Sentou Monoprix At aperitif time, we bring a touch of sweetness enhanced by a tangy note to the table decor. This porcelain ramekin, accompanied by its counterparts, will not leave your guests unmoved! 5 euros

Flowers in the kitchen

Sentou Monoprix When you have such beautiful colored tea towels, you hurry to find them a small place to hang them in the kitchen. They steal the show in an instant from all our sad and united tea towels. 8 euros

A flowery tray

Sentou Monoprix You will surely be as seduced as us by this wooden tray which displays pretty bright colors. Make a psyche look at the breakfast table? Fact ! 30 euros

A pop tealight holder

Sentou Monoprix Pop atmosphere in the living room with this tealight holder that is sure to attract attention. We place it wisely on the coffee table or on a small buffet. Surprising, isn't it? 5 euros

Rectangular and colorful

Sentou Monoprix To fix this cushion for a long time, one has the impression of going back to childhood, when you spent hours staring into our colorful kaleidoscopes. Placed on a sober sofa, he will not fail to wake him up. 20 euros

A metal stool

Sentou Monoprix Sentou sets the tone even on the seats! We love this metal stool covered with a nice tangy pattern that will have as much effect in the living room as in a teenage bedroom. 45 euros

A cloth full of peps

Sentou Monoprix The arrival of the beautiful days reigns in the decor of the compulsive desires of colors here and there. In the kitchen it's done with this cloth that plays with simple patterns and bright colors. 3 euros

A chic hippie mug

Sentou Monoprix To jump into the seventies from breakfast, we suggest you adopt this pretty flower mug. You can also take it to the office so as not to go unnoticed during the coffee break! 4 euros