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A wooden headboard for each style

A wooden headboard for each style

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In the bedroom, the headboard enhances your sleeping area while protecting your wall from friction. Among the multiple styles of headboards, the wood material stands out from the crowd by adapting to all atmospheres. Here are tips for choosing your headboard depending on whether you are more seaside, romantic, nature, exotic or authentic.

A wooden headboard for a natural style

Fly ### For a nature-style room, bet on an essence that reveals the grain and roughness of the wood. Go for clean lines for a very simple spirit. Add touches of green on the bed to complete the natural spirit.

A wooden headboard for a romantic style

Fly ### Wood also adapts to the romantic style. For this, we prefer a white and slightly patinated headboard. As for shapes, bet on rounding. The rest of the room will display soft colors for a charming atmosphere.

A wooden headboard for an exotic style

Maisons du monde ### For an exotic atmosphere, you will naturally turn to exotic species. Think of teak, ipe or darker species like mahogany. Keep in mind that bamboo may also be suitable. Finally, opt for dark enough colors for the rest of the room.

A wooden headboard for an authentic style

AM.PM ### If you want to bring a bit of a "mountain chalet" vibe, choose a headboard made up of small raw wood slats. As for bed linen, choose very cozy tiles and textiles.