10 kitchenettes that have everything of a large kitchen

10 kitchenettes that have everything of a large kitchen

French is a gourmet, it's well known! Supporting proof with cooking shows that are very popular with the general public. But when you live in a small area, it is not appropriate to ignore the kitchen, on the contrary it becomes all the more practical and optimized. Discover in image 10 kitchenettes that have style!

A designer kitchenette

Moderna Design has taken hold of this small kitchen which fits into a sink and cupboard module, with a large shelf which allows storage on the sides. Brightly colored, she invites herself into the room to live in a decorative way.

A kitchen in a cupboard

Moderna Fridge, electric hobs, extractor hood, storage cupboards, sink ... are hidden in a cupboard so as not to visually clutter the space when you are not cooking.

A kitchenette, two colors

Leroy Merlin Revitalize the kitchen area with color. In white and red on a brick effect wall, a New York spirit emerges from this kitchen area, very in touch with the trend.

A kitchenette with integrated shelves

Lapeyre Lighten up the space by placing shelves above your kitchenette. More aerial than cupboards, they will be able to accommodate your dishes and your small household appliances.

A small kitchen room

Ikea From floor to ceiling, this kitchen uses a whole wall to make room for a lunch area on the wall opposite.

Basic kitchenette

Leroy Merlin This pocket kitchen accommodates a fridge, a sink, two electric plates and a large cupboard, all in a white handset that fits into any type of interior.

The kitchenette is dressed in red

Moderna Color has taken hold of the kitchenette so that, like large kitchens, they find a special place in the living room.

Island kitchen

Ikea When space runs out, invest the central space with an island. It will allow you to free up your workspace to accommodate additional storage.

A small studio kitchen

Lapeyre In a studio, the kitchen opens wide onto the room which serves as a living room, bedroom and office.