The decor goes horse riding

The decor goes horse riding

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Departure for horse riding… in the house. Here, no horse posters, but more or less equestrian decorative accessories for young and old. The only objective: to make a nod to their emerging or confirmed passion for horse riding!

Room horse deco

Hästens Getting into the saddle The decor of the room goes up in the saddle. A horse riding fan, she did not hesitate to stage her saddles, diplomas and riding boots close to the bed. A biased and sharp bias at the same time, or the proof (signed Hästens that chic decor goes well with elite sport.

Me, rider

Ferm Living Another possibility to offer them an introduction to horse riding at home: a toy in the shape of a horse on which they can improvise riders of yesteryear!

Post card

AM.PM The little equestrian touch that personalizes the large mirror in the living room? A small but clearly visible horse postcard…

Trojan horse

Ferm Living The Trojan horse settled in the toddlers' room to preside over the decor. And what a horse! From the top of its retro look mottled over the flea market, it establishes a real charm (equestrian) on their playground.

Horse racing

Hästens In memory of the great horse championships in which the whole family participated, why not display the multiple awards won on furniture and walls? This art gallery dedicated to our favorite sport, as inspired as it is inspiring, shows us the example.

Sticker riding

Ferm Living By sticking one or two horses in the decor, the walls are transformed into a purely decorative equestrian center, for children and teenagers.

Horse sculpture

Ikéa Among the pretty trinkets that have come to enhance the dresser, a wooden sculpture in the shape of a horse. A small detail that subtly marks the taste for equestrian sports.

Hunting trophy

Fleux To decorate the walls of the child's room, while sowing an equestrian atmosphere, nothing like a horse's head! On the walls, this plush animal trophy, like their emerging passion for horses, tenderizes more than one…

Play area

Fly The first horse that children will ride in their horse racing career is this one! A nice rocking horse with a chic and slender silhouette…