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A soothing room for babies

A soothing room for babies

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So that newborns can enjoy the sweetness of childhood at the earliest, we opt for a soothing room in a Zen spirit. With simple furniture and soft colors, voila. Demonstration.

Blue for a soothing atmosphere in baby's room

Aubert To help your baby have sweet dreams, nothing like the color blue! Indeed, it is a color that helps falling asleep thanks to its softness. It easily blends with white and wood for a very Zen atmosphere.

Very soft colors for baby

Aubert If you want to avoid blue because your baby is a girl, prefer soft and powdery colors. You can choose a very light pink that you will marry with white furniture with some gray details.

Wood in the nursery

Aubert To give a very soothing seaside atmosphere, we choose to bring the wood into the baby's room. On the wall, we use paneling in light tones, on the floor, we put on parquet and we complete the room with white wooden furniture. You could almost hear the sound of the waves ...

Clean lines for the nursery

Aubert For a bright room, we put on furniture that combines light wood with white wood in very pure lines. On the walls, we choose a neutral color like beige to bring a warm atmosphere.

The nursery rhymes with sweetness

Mr Bricolage For a cozy and warm side in the baby's room, you can also borrow some items and accessories from the living room like its buffet for example. It only remains to add mouse gray linen curtains, ecru lace or even eggplant to bring a touch of authenticity, and voila!

Elegance in the nursery

Mr Bricolage Finished the friezes crossing the walls, place the elegant wallpaper and declined in very decorative styles. The trend is for plain and light patterns for babies who need a serene atmosphere. Washable, vinyl wallpaper is the wallpaper of the moment. It combines elegance and ease of maintenance even after passing pencil strokes and other tasks.

Soft colors in the nursery

Dulux Valentine Blue is not just for boys, and pink for girls. We dare to mix these two colors like here, by adding other colors, like the gray of the cradle and the mauve of the dresser. No overly garish colors, and baby will feel like in his cocoon.

Chocolate shades for the nursery

Deco Toddlers Sky blue has been added to half of one of the bedroom walls. With the chocolate brown of the accessories and the white of the walls and furniture, the harmony is perfect.

A soothing little girl's room

Ikea Both boys and girls appreciate having a soothing room in which they will grow up and feel good. With a palette of pink and white, this little girl's room has adopted small, more colorful touches like the polka dots on the wall.

Wood brings softness

La Redoute In this baby room with wooden furniture, softness is a creed. Wood has this warm side that is generally found in the living room or kitchen, but in the bedroom it is rarer. We appreciate it all the more!

A sweet room for my baby

Maisons du Monde Light shades have a reassuring side for babies. In order not to offend their little eyes, avoid too garish or fluorescent colors, especially in their bedroom. Matching as here, the gray furniture brings softness and lightness. A very delicate atmosphere!

A luxury room for my baby

Furniture and Design Reserved for middle-class houses or very "castle" decoration, the baby room takes on the appearance of a small palace. In gray and pink, this room is decorated with very chatelain objects that we can also imagine very well in a living room or in the dining room. But here, the chandelier and the bull's-eye mirror add softness and we find it splendid!

Soft as a feather

Room Decoration Very focused on light, this room, already soothing with its gray colors, is all the more so with its wall decorations. Acting as delicate lighting, the feathers will rock baby during its sweet nights. We appreciate the poetry that comes out of this room!

A room with delicate tones for babies

Latonyayvette In the little cocoon of this blogger's baby, the codes of "appeasement" are perfectly respected. From the wicker cradle to the knitted suspension, we witness the temple of poetry and delicacy. The must: plants that bring a touch of freshness.