Kitchens have their say

Kitchens have their say

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Add a touch of originality with the words! We would like to decorate the walls, the fridge or the furniture. Fortunately, many solutions exist to personalize your interior and in particular your kitchen. So choose yours and let your walls speak!

Your favorite recipe

iDzif On the walls, you stick it. No need to constantly take out the cookbook, you can use fancy stickers. And if pancakes are not your thing, you are spoiled for choice for the preparations.


Bemz Repaint your walls and furniture with blackboard effect paint. You will be able to write your menus, your shopping lists and thus change your decoration according to your moods. Very practical and above all unique.

A little paint

Maison Deco Make your kitchen say everything with stencils. There are preconceived ideas, a mixture of words and forms, but you can obviously choose them letter by letter and thus express all your ideas, in the color you want.

A great classic!

Kvik With magnets, you use your fridge to translate your thoughts, culinary or not. You also display words, letters, timetables and even drawings.

We love everything

Maison Deco Tired of using the fridge? Think of the magnetic paint on the walls. After this magic layer, which allows you to arrange all your magnets, you can cover the surface with a slate finish and scribble on it the least of your desires.

We hang

Ikea To make your kitchen speak, no better than a poster or a painting. A touch of retro, we give character to your kitchen and in addition, we encourage you to multiply the preparations. Because, yes, nothing is better than homemade!


Leroy Merlin At the top of the trend, metallic letters adorn the whole house. Place them in your kitchen to keep a flea market spirit even in the smallest nooks.

On the work plan

Saint Maclou Letters don't just go to walls. You can place them standing on the central island. With this pink color, this word "Pastry" brings a touch of sweetness to this very metallic kitchen.

Decorative plates

Kvik Last tip, we use dishes. It can be message-based, but also contain only one letter. So you create combinations and easily renew your decoration.