Divert natural elements into furniture and decorative accessories for the garden

Divert natural elements into furniture and decorative accessories for the garden

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Looking for a natural, recycled and inexpensive decor? It's this way ! Branches, logs and tree trunks become, once diverted, our best allies for landscaping and accessorizing the garden in style by spending three times nothing.

Design a bench

Fine logs and imposing branches of tree allowed the realization of this adorable garden bench. What we like: its DIY look that blends perfectly with the heart of the garden.

Braiding a decorative bin

The basket weaving technique inspired the design of this bin. Here, the wicker or rattan fibers have been replaced by flexible tree branches. An original, decorative and very natural creation ...

Improvising stair treads

Is your garden sloping? With wooden logs previously cut into rectangular blocks and hooks to fix on the ground, it's easy to improvise a natural staircase, both practical and super discreet!

Customize the fountain corner

A fountain basin dug in stone? This cannot distort the garden. On the contrary !

Create a birdhouse

If you have the soul of a handyman, here is the style of bird house you could make. The ingredients: fine (but solid) branches of wood, small nails and a roof made of twigs or straw!

Appropriate an unusual chic coffee table

In this outdoor living room, the coffee table is none other than a giant tree trunk cut almost, or almost. Its grooves and natural color make it a piece of furniture of rare beauty that should impress more than one!

Set up an extra bench

Blocks of stone, not for erecting menhirs but an unusual bench hard as a rock: who says better?

Adopt a natural planter

A block of stone diverted into a planter more real than life, our flowers and green plants are for! Discover even more photos of garden inspirations by clicking: HERE!