Discover the new Aviva kitchen collection

Discover the new Aviva kitchen collection

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Aviva's mission is to offer beautiful kitchens accessible to all in terms of price and style! Thus the new collection of the brand offers very decorative kitchens for all styles. Presentation of 5 very decorative kitchens.

A refined and graphic cuisine

Aviva ### For a very graphic style, we put on a kitchen that combines black and white in a very design way. The furniture is very refined and geometric to create a decorative checkerboard.

A warm kitchen

Aviva ### For a very warm kitchen, Aviva chooses to combine very elegant black lacquered furniture with cupboards and a fairly dark wooden worktop for a very masculine look. To awaken the whole, the kitchen is framed by a vitamin red wall.

A designer and functional kitchen

Aviva ### Aviva offers an easy-going kitchen thanks to its multiple storage spaces and simple and functional lines. To bring a very designer touch, we put on a white lacquered material which reflects the light.

A natural and original cuisine

Aviva ### For a kitchen that echoes nature, we put on light wooden furniture and a counter that integrates a row of flower pots to bring nature into the kitchen. The plants thus create a slight separation between the kitchen and the space dedicated to meals.