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Arranging the nursery in 5 steps

Arranging the nursery in 5 steps

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Is the family growing soon? It is time to prepare for the arrival of the newborn baby by fitting out his room! No need to overload it, a few essentials will be enough to create a nice cozy nest. Presentation in 5 keys.

A practical changing table

Ikéa ### The changing table is also an essential piece of furniture in the child's bedroom. Here it is with a shelf allowing to install the necessary for the change, such as creams or diapers. Just above, it's a fabric wall storage that completes the whole. Baby clothes are on hand to make life easier for parents.

Floor storage

Ikéa ### If the newborns are not yet great players, it is important to introduce them to shapes, materials and colors. Make way for carpets and educational games! But to keep the space clear, we invest the room with good storage, like this 9-bin cabinet where you can easily box all the toys.

Storage on the walls

Fly ### After storage on the floor, make room for storage on the walls! The hooks welcome baby outfits, diaper bags or even decorative accessories such as a light garland. Here are three fun examples: these hooks in the shape of animals perfectly match the poetic and tender universe of newborns! Still with this idea of ​​freeing up the floors by taking over the walls, also think of the wall shelves or the fabric storage that is suspended from the ceiling.

Floor-to-ceiling decorative accessories

Fly ### What would a toddler's bedroom be without decorative accessories that enhance the decor and set the tone? A rocking chair, a few colorful cuddly toys, a fringed carpet, staged toys: all these decorative elements are enough to affirm the touching character of early childhood…