Flooring: vinyl and its imitation qualities

Flooring: vinyl and its imitation qualities

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Vinyl is a true chameleon coating because it has the distinction of imitating all other coatings and thus of offering decorative possibilities that correspond to all interiors. Discover in images 10 daring vinyls that play imitations.

A vinyl imitation parquet

Saint Maclou For those who would like to benefit from the ease of laying vinyl, its low cost and its practicality in terms of maintenance while offering a certain cachet, vinyl perfectly imitates parquet!

Vinyl for traditional parquet

Saint Maclou And if you want a very traditional parquet, you can bet on a vinyl which imitates the laying in point of Hungary that we find for example in old houses for an incredible cachet!

Vinyl for a bold parquet

Saint Maclou Besides, vinyl offers you much more than traditional parquet floors! With digital prints, you can treat yourself to an aged parquet or even a recycled spirit parquet with old planks.

A vinyl for an original parquet

Leroy Merlin Among the original parquet floors offered by vinyl, you will find models that seem to be made from coffee transport boxes or other products transported by boat. A real originality.

Vinyl for a metallic effect

Saint Maclou In the teenage bedroom or in a space that plays the industrial style card, this vinyl which imitates non-slip metal will cause a sensation. The good news is that vinyl will avoid the cold feeling that real metal would have provided.

A vinyl that imitates concrete

Leroy Merlin To continue in the industrial style, you can also bet on a concrete effect! Very trendy, vinyl-like concrete will be much less expensive, easier to apply and above all easier to maintain!

Vinyl that thinks it's tiling

Saint Maclou In this interior, no more cold feet when walking barefoot on the tiles since it is actually a vinyl floor that perfectly imitates the most trendy tiles.

Textile vinyl

Leroy Merlin For a very warm couture atmosphere, we put on this amazing vinyl that imitates textiles. We can clearly see the braided fibers while it is a perfectly smooth vinyl, a real feat of trompe l'oeil!

A vinyl with an original decor

Leroy Merlin Finally, if you want a touch of fantasy, you will opt for an original digital print applied to vinyl. For a seaside style in the bathroom for example, we put on vinyl which imitates pebbles!