Manufacturing secret: Fermob, the outdoor chic made in France

Manufacturing secret: Fermob, the outdoor chic made in France

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Fermob is French outdoors. Elegant lines, creative colors but above all high quality, environmental commitment and made in France. While the bistro chair celebrates its 125th anniversary, we have been opened the doors of the factory from which the Fermob products come out - around 400,000 pieces per year - for no less than 50 years, the Thoissey factory in Ain.


Sébastien Erome - Fermob Once the parts are formed, they must be assembled. Here, we put in place a yoke for the tension rod of the TTE (Outdoor Technical Canvas) back of the chair.


Sébastien Erome - Fermob And we sand…

And now ?

Sébastien Erome - Fermob This Luxembourg chair is just waiting for its coat of paint. She waits, raw, in front of the paint line.

Paint chain

Sébastien Erome - Fermob Stage painting! And you are spoiled for choice with the 24 Fermob colors: meadow green, fjord blue, poppy or honey and nasturtium - the latest colors released in 2014. The paints used by Fermob are solvent-free and applied in a zero installation rejection.


Stéphane Rambaud - Fermob Because we do not laugh with quality at Fermob, each product is subject to rigorous controls throughout the manufacturing chain: on raw materials, to test welds, paint assembly and finally, the finished product. Each product is signed by the person who checked it.

Ready to last

Stéphane Rambaud - Fermob Our Bistro chair in carrot version is ready!