10 lighting ideas for the bathroom

10 lighting ideas for the bathroom

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Spots, neon lights, wall lights, pendant lights, Japanese balls or table lamps for a more subdued light, it's everyone's atmosphere in the bathroom. And to help you choose the light that best suits your relaxation area, follow our advice and tips, there is something for everyone!

A designer pendant light

Sanijura In a bathroom with clean lines, you can opt for a designer pendant lamp. In addition to diffusing a pretty light, it will integrate perfectly into your relaxation area.

A boat wall light

Castorama If you want to give a little seaside feel to your bathroom decor, opt for a wall lamp model reminiscent of boat lanterns. Add a reclaimed sink and voila!

Decorative suspensions

Schmidt And to combine design ambience and elegant lighting, choose decorative pendant lights. Our advice? Play the accumulation card by multiplying their number.

A charming chandelier

Leroy Merlin If your bathroom is decorated in a country style, bet on a light source with the charm of yesteryear: a beautiful chandelier with 4 branches. Most ? Pretty lampshades will complement the whole, with taste.

Japanese ball

Leroy Merlin In bathrooms with a Zen and refined atmosphere, favor aerial suspensions, like Japanese balls. Prefer plain models and soft colors.

A neon in the mirror

Tollens Another solution? Choose a neon model, integrated into the mirror of your bathroom. Ideal for diffusing light throughout the room, it also allows not to multiply the lights, therefore not to suffocate the space.

Soft light

Sanijura And to create a spa atmosphere, conducive to relaxation, choose more discreet lights: table lamps, for example. You will thus create a soft light, ideal for relaxing after a hard day.

Ceiling spots

Tollens Ideal solution to diffuse a beautiful light in all the room: the spots which disappear in the ceiling of your bathroom.

Spotlights integrated into the bathroom furniture

Sanijura And to save space, in style, choose the following solution: integrate spotlights into your bathroom furniture.