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The show has its head in the stars

The show has its head in the stars

The stars are favorable to your decoration. The stars are invited into the living room and bring poetry and magic to your interior. Let yourself be seduced by cushions as by wallpaper, discover the 10 accessories to embark on an interstellar journey ... well almost!


Delamaison On this sisal carpet, we slide an imposing star for a modern and rock n 'roll spirit. You can also bet on a carpet with several star patterns but also vary the dimensions. Everything is allowed !

Star Caprice

Castorama With this wall composition of mirrors, you play with shapes and quantities for a very personal decoration. We reinforce the style with the cushions, the plaid and the wallpaper, all with star patterns.

Coming from space

Castorama This pair of red curtains brings a pop and fun touch to the room. With a sheer system you let in light for a soft but colorful atmosphere.

For an ethnic decoration

Maison du Monde We dare the star-shaped pendant lamp, original and design. Glass and metal, it will delight lovers of the thousand and one nights style.

Shadow and light

PBteen We love these paper pendant lights. At night, they will give a real atmosphere to your room by creating a play of shadow puppets.

Fall of the firmament

West Elm Decorate a shelf, table or shelf with this gold metal star. Like a contemporary sculpture, this decorative piece moves away from the traditional form for a slightly less childlike spirit. Also think of metallic stars as a totally vintage wall decoration!

Treat yourself to a sky!

Sower of stars A magical atmosphere is created in the living room by sprinkling stars with ceilings or walls. Thanks to a combination of LEDs, you create a real false constellation.

Shooting Stars

Initial Deco Here and there, to stick everywhere on your walls, we use and abuse stickers. Also consider using phosphorescent adhesives to make your stars glow in the dark and thus make you think of a starry sky.

Galactic atmosphere

Castorama Finally, we line our walls! This starry night wallpaper will give planetarium airs to your living room. Special mention to the moon cushion and to the various planetary ring effect lights.