Taste Week: 5 fruits and vegetables in your decor!

Taste Week: 5 fruits and vegetables in your decor!

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From 17 to 23 October 2011, the week of taste unveils its program of workshops and events around the education of taste. And because we can't repeat it enough, fruits and vegetables will be in the spotlight during this week in order to learn to eat a balanced diet. What about decoration? Here are 5 fruits and vegetables to enhance your decor.

Tomatoes on the fridge

Le Pré D'eau ### For a balanced fridge, it is necessary to find fruits and vegetables! But be aware that you can also place your fruit directly on the refrigerator with stickers that represent tomatoes for example.

Apples on the splashback

Funnydoors ### Because the splashback is an opportunity to bring a very decorative touch to the kitchen. So for a credenza placed under the sign of gluttony and balance, we put on the Funnydoors credenza which displays beautiful green apples.

Pears on the plate

Geneviève Lethu ### For a very vitamin meal, we fill the plates with fruits and vegetables but we can also choose plates that display your favorite fruit. Apple or pear, it's up to you to display your tastes even on your plates.

Apples on the walls

Domestic ### Finally, you can also install an orchard on your walls thanks to the stickers designed by Domestic which offer lots of pretty colorful apples. What create a very natural atmosphere in your interior.