A bedroom open to the bathroom

A bedroom open to the bathroom

When the bedroom opens onto the bathroom, a whole space dedicated to relaxation and rest takes shape. In addition to simplifying life, this organization allows parents to own two rooms just for themselves to relax and have a little privacy. To make you dream, here are 10 atmospheres where bedroom and bathroom are one.

A small wall to separate

Space Attic Under these roofs, the shower is installed without complex in the room in order to benefit as well as possible from the natural light which enters by the velux. As for the vanity unit, it has found its place behind the wall which houses the shower cabin.

Two colors to harmonize

Dulux Valentine In this room, the bed, the bathtub and the vanity unit coexist in the most harmonious of ways. Purple and white come together here and there to set the tone. Original, right?

The vanity unit in the bedroom

Ikea In this room, we had to play with the square meters to create a small bathroom area. The vanity unit was then fixed to the wall which serves as a wall for the shower and poses proudly facing the bed.


Hôtel Georgette For those who find it difficult to get up in the morning, nothing better than a fitted bathroom close to the bed. All you have to do is jump in the shower when you have finally emerged.

White for perfect harmony

Mobalpa When the bedroom and the bathroom are one, it is important that the two pieces harmonize. For this, we choose a unique color like white which here creates a refined and soothing decor.

Separated by curtains ...

Leroy Merlin In order to have a small corner of privacy when taking a bath, you can also install a curtain that opens and closes as you wish.

… Or by sliding panels

Leroy Merlin Another trick than curtains, but just as effective: sliding panels. They are preferably chosen transparent but blackout so that the natural light of the room also enters the bathroom.

A partition to separate

Mobalpa If you prefer that the two spaces are permanently demarcated, it is on a fixed partition that you must bet. A few openings in the wall nevertheless make it possible to emphasize that the bedroom and the bathroom are one.

A step to raise

Leroy Merlin To make a proper distinction between the sleeping area and the bathroom corner, it sometimes takes a little bit, like these two steps which put the bathtub and the vanity unit higher than the bed.