An XXL sofa to accommodate the whole family

An XXL sofa to accommodate the whole family

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Whether you are lucky enough to own a large living room or if you are a large family who likes to entertain, the XXL sofa is made for you! With these extraordinary dimensions, this sofa will allow you to install a large number of people or to lie down all your long when you are alone. Discover 4 king size sofas in pictures.

A very comfortable XXL sofa

La Redoute ### To bring a very warm side to the XXL sofa, we think of accessorizing it with a multitude of cushions. The accumulation of cushions gives a more cozy impression and breaks the monumental side of the sofa for a more intimate atmosphere.

XXL leather sofa

Fly ### The traditional leather sofa also takes on considerable dimensions when choosing a corner model. The advantage of this type of sofa is that it can be used to structure the space in a room where the living room and the dining room meet.

A chic and modern XXL sofa

Fly ### There are a multitude of XXL sofas to match each style. If you have an interior with modern lines, you will bet on a chic and quite refined model with cushions as a backrest. In this type of interior, the sofa truly becomes the central part of the living room.