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Marine atmosphere in the little boys' room

Marine atmosphere in the little boys' room

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Who said you have to wait until next summer to see the blue water of the ocean? With a well thought-out decor and a little imagination, small sailors, pirates, captains and fishermen can get away from it all at sea. Here are 5 ideas that will delight your little ones.


Fly ### Here is another version of a pirate decor. Here, no treasure map, however other key elements create the atmosphere: a pool of crocodile plush, a skull and crossbones flag on the bed and pirates, palm trees and parrots on the tent hosting the game low of the mezzanine. It is the fans of "Pirates of the Caribbean" who will be seduced!

Ocean blue

Goal ### The deep blue walls invite us to take off, while the shed style of the wardrobe and the bed keeps us on the beach. Yes, we are sailing between two waters, but in any case, the spirit of the big blue has taken hold of the room to transport the children once the door of the room is crossed. Make way for the imagination!

Sea side

Maisons du Monde ### Sea in sight, here we are on the Atlantic coast! A porthole-style mirror, a wardrobe in the shape of a beach hut, paneled walls and striped blue bed linen: here, everything evokes the seaside. Or how to extend the marine softness of holidays throughout the year…


Vertbaudet ### It was a small ship… The song of our childhood whispers in our ear a decoration of a sailor. Above the bed, we hoisted a veil imitating the masts of the boats for an effect more real than life! Even the bed linen plays the game. It is adorned with traditional blue, white and red stripes and pretty schools of fish. It's time to get on board!

Marine stripes

Catimini ### Classic but timeless, the marine stripes on the cover and the cushions are the key to this decor. With paneling covering the wall and floor and the oversized silhouette of a boat against the wall, it's impossible to escape from a getaway at sea!