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From floor to ceiling, a little girl's room like new

From floor to ceiling, a little girl's room like new

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The little girls' rooms have undergone a real moult in recent years! The flashy pink has given way to your varied tones and softer colors, the furniture has been personalized and the spaces are now well defined. Transforming an ordinary room into a princess room is now child's play! With a few accessories, paint and a sewing machine, the makeover can be spectacular ... Demonstration.

Create a mini cabinet of curiosities

Nanikaa On a chest of drawers or a wall shelf, collect a few objects that your child particularly likes: shells collected during the holidays, small statuette, old decoration… to form a delicate whole in the manner of old cabinets of curiosity.

The girly revisited

Go to your room Tired of girlish atmospheres 100% candy pink? We rethink the decor with some well-chosen accessories for a renewal at a lower cost! Exit unicorns and flowers, make way for the stars, glitter, even even the skull very popular with pre-teens.

A colorblock atmosphere

AM PM Ideal for all little girls who want a different room from their princess and fairy friends, the colorblock atmosphere brings punch and dynamism! We choose a neutral base for the furniture and the walls and we dare the shocking colors on the bed linen and the accessories, like this pretty set signed AM PM.

A decorative carpet

File in your room An essential decorative accessory for a pretty girl's room, the carpet brings the soft touch while delimiting the space for games or reading. We choose it thick and comfortable because your child will lie down, play, read and do somersaults!


Maison Déco The best solution to redecorate the room at an unbeatable price is undoubtedly to browse the flea markets and second-hand sale sites. With a little imagination and sometimes a little restoration, we recreate with well-chosen furniture a romantic, vintage or even 70's pop atmosphere. Without looking for the total look, keep a unity of colors or style so as not to visually load the room.

Invest the walls

AM PM There are many ways to decorate walls without necessarily going through the stickers or poster box. Tie a string or a colored ribbon like a clothesline to which you will hang holiday postcards, your child's drawings or small souvenirs. Another simple trick to realize, a wine case that you will have taken care to repaint and customize with a nice wallpaper: once hung on the wall, it will act as a library or a toy shelf!

Limit furniture

Maisons du Monde Unless your princess's room has a large surface area, it is better to choose the furniture you want to install there. Often cluttered with toys, the room can quickly suffocate if you accumulate the furniture! A bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a desk are more than enough to meet your child's daily needs. For a more visually harmonious whole, choose them in a similar shade or style.

A smart bed

CBC Meubles For several years, multifunction beds have appeared in children's bedrooms and seduce us with their practical as well as aesthetic side. Whether it is raised, with drawers, fitted with shelves, upgradable, the bed is THE centerpiece of the room to choose with care, depending on the surface of the room and the needs of your child.

Personalize the room

AM PM To think outside the box and standard furniture, call on your creativity! A cabin bed, a driftwood coat hook, a pretty hand-sewn bed canopy or even custom shelves with wallpaper… there are a thousand and one tips to make your child's room a unique place that looks like him.