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The chalet style in every room of the house

The chalet style in every room of the house

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Whether you are decorating your habitat in the high mountains or revisiting the decor of the chalets in your interior in the city, here are some ideas of ambiance for each room of the house that should inspire you ...

The chalet style in the entrance

AM.PM ### Lovers of the chalet style have no reason to neglect the entrance. On the contrary ! Thanks to this large road sign inspired by Canadian roadsides, the wall coat rack and the driftwood lamp base, the door of the house barely crossed, we escape into the high mountains where wildlife reigns, well away from the daily grind.

The chalet style in the office

AM.PM ### With lampshades in fur, the silhouette of two deer framed on the wall and a wooden desk, the workspace is natural and we like this setting conducive to concentration and thinking.

The chalet style in the bedroom

Goal ### The well-being of the mountains has taken over the room. At stake ? A sheepskin rug at the bottom of the bed, branch patterns adorning the duvet cover, beech furniture, an imposing sculpture in raw wood and a cottony plaid covering the bed. In short, everything you need for optimal nights of rest.

Chalet style in the kitchen

Ikéa ### The pleasure of cooking one foot in nature begins by choosing all-wood furniture without hesitating to decorate the room with a few green plants. Depending on your tastes and desires, you can sometimes bet on the simplicity of the decor like here, or choose a kitchen fitted with very modern appliances.