Special nap in the garden: the furniture you need

Special nap in the garden: the furniture you need

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Before the start of the school year catches up with us, we take advantage of the summer to linger. In the afternoon, the nap is therefore essential provided that you are well settled. We have therefore selected for you the ideal furniture to let you go in the garden.

Revisited sunbathing

Maisons du monde The rattan invades the whole garden with also a sunbath which will assure you comfort and elegance at the edge of the swimming pool. Comfort and trend, that's all we ask!

A sofa in the shade

Garden Choice As you lie down on the sofa after the meal, you can sit on this garden sofa. The real plus? Its structure will protect you from the sun to rest without worry.

Design sunbathing

Garden Choice To rest while staying on top, treat yourself to a sunbath with fluid and timeless lines. In addition, these models do not skimp on comfort with special head cushions.

A gentle Chilean

Artiga Settling in these Chilean will be a real pleasure because the textile brings a lot of comfort and the shape of the seat is very enveloping. For even more fun, we can add some decorative cushions.

A hanging chair

Direct D-sign To take a nap that reconnects you to nature, nothing like a wooden armchair that will be hung from a tree. A real cocoon, this revisited version of the hammock is sure to invite you to relax.

An armchair to lie down

Seasons This armchair looks a bit like a chaise longue because it offers a backrest while stretching out to let you sit on your legs. With a few cushions, we doze off without hesitation.

A cocoon sofa

Maisons du monde Between the armchair and the garden furniture, this cocoon where to settle alone or with others is ideal for a nap thanks to its comfortable seat. And for even more well-being, a sun visor will protect you from the rays during your nap.

Canopy sunbathing

Maisons du monde To bask outside without being bothered by the sun, we take up the idea of ​​the canopy but we install sunbeds instead of the bed. You can settle in there for two!

A canopy sofa

Maisons du monde And if you want a more family version of the outdoor canopy, you can bet on a sofa that you can protect from the sun with pretty curtains.