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Small garden, mini pool

Small garden, mini pool

You don't need a huge garden to have a dream pool! A few square meters are enough, whether on a terrace, or even a small courtyard, thanks to new XS models, specially designed to respond to small spaces. The good news is that mini basins have nothing to envy the big ones thanks to practical and decorative models. So to refresh yourself this summer, no matter the size of your garden: the proof in 20 very decorative inspirations.

Pretty little pool

Diffazur A pretty swimming pool without taking up all the space in the garden, this is possible thanks to new XS pools that are not lacking in style. You will be able to opt for a swimming pool which has everything of a big one with its stone copings and its turquoise water, all in small dimension.

A small swimming pool to cool off

Diffazur If you want above all a swimming pool to refresh yourself but don't necessarily want to take a swim, the small swimming pool will be your ally! These small pools are easier to install in the garden and offer an ideal space for relaxation.

A swimming pool in a corner of the terrace

Woodline You do not want to dedicate your outdoor space entirely to your swimming pool and this is quite normal. Be greedy and ask for a swimming pool but also a terrace: you will opt for this for a small square swimming pool that you will place in a corner of your terrace or small garden to maximize space.

A small pool that has everything a large

Desjoyaux To enjoy the summer and the happiness of a swimming pool, no need for an Olympic swimming pool. A mini-sized swimming pool and an environment conducive to relaxation will be perfect when the m2 are lacking. Here, to maximize the potential of the pool, we adopt a designer terrace with sunbathing and globe lights.

A round pool for relaxation

EDG To take advantage of the greenery of their garden and not only of the swimming pool, one can quite choose a small model which will integrate more easily into its space. The round models offer mini version but comfortable pools for relaxation and very user-friendly.

Both swimming pool and decorative pool

Waterclip To maximize the decorative effect of your swimming pool in the garden, you can think of it as a pretty water point by opting for example for a semi-entertained mini wooden swimming pool. Ideal for cooling off and having fun with children, it adds charm to the outdoor space.

Small pleasure pool

Desjoyaux Between the mini pools ideal for cooling off and the pools worthy of large hotels, you will find models of small sizes but which still allow you to take a bracing dip. The decorating tip is then to opt for a classic width but to shorten the length for a trompe l'oeil effect which gives it all of a great.

The mini-pool advantage

Vivapool If we like the mini pool it is above all for its practicality which allows it to slip everywhere and even on the terraces on which it would be impossible to install a classic pool. What a bath even on its terrace facing the sea!

Small square for small pool

Desjoyaux The ultimate form of a small swimming pool? The square: it allows you to maximize the surface of it unlike a round model, very decorative, but which will take just as much space for a smaller surface.

A small swimming pool at the foot of the house

Swimming pool By choosing a small swimming pool, you will almost be able to install it everywhere! Thus, thanks to a mini model, the terrace serves both for meals and relaxation by optimizing the space. No need to choose!

A small swimming pool to give style to the garden

Swimming pool When the garden is small, it is not easy to optimize the space to give it style. Here the small swimming pool is installed as an extension of the terrace to give the outdoor space more space and set the tone for a relaxing atmosphere.

Mini pool, exceptional pool

Piscinelle Small pools have nothing to envy the larger ones when they settle in spaces where it would not have been possible to build a classic pool. This can allow you for example to offer you a dream pool on a terrace with a view or why not on a roof terrace.

A garden and a swimming pool

Swimming pool Just because you have a beautiful outdoor surface doesn't mean you have to dedicate it entirely to your pool. So keep a nice corner of greenery and install a small pool directly on the terrace so as to delimit the spaces and make it a room in addition to your home.

A small pool surrounded by nature

Swimming pool When you have a lot of wooded land, it would be a shame to have to clear it to install a large swimming pool. Choose a small square model that will more easily be able to integrate into a complex surface.

Small pool, maximum comfort

Leroy Merlin Small swimming pool does not mean lack of comfort! If the size of the swimming pool can be reduced, you will be able to benefit from a pleasant depth which promises you moments of relaxation and play.

Small but daring

Diffazur Place originality with this small swimming pool which is not satisfied with a simple form but adopts an unstructured geometric line and which makes the basin the decorative asset of this sunny garden.

A swimming pool on a terrace

Woodline Do you have a small terrace but still dream of a swimming pool? Your dream can easily come true thanks to the new small models. Think for example of an above ground pool which will be easy to install and arrange your terrace all around.

Decorative detail for maximum effect

Diffazur It is not because your pool is not large that it should not be treated! Play the decorative card by opting for example for a patterned tiling as the edge of the basin. The advantage of this small swimming pool? It adapts perfectly to the morphology of the garden for optimal space saving.

Mini pool also spa version

Clairazur A small swimming pool is also the possibility of offering an exceptional space thanks to spa models whose basin transforms into a hot tub or how to make the owners of large swimming pools jealous!