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Motorhomes: the 10 most incredible interiors

Motorhomes: the 10 most incredible interiors

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Hit the road while staying at home! It is possible with the motorhome. Today, there are more and more sophisticated models. Manufacturers compete in technology to offer you absolute comfort. And the interiors of these motorized homes are sometimes spectacular. Here is a selection of the craziest and most stylish motorhome layouts.

Heavyweight minimalism

Stephex The STX Renault Magnum is one of the most sophisticated models of the Stephex brand. With its double cabin, panoramic view, its total length of 12 meters - it's a truck! - and its integrated garage offers all the comforts of home, but on wheels. Its interior with a designer look, "black and white" trend is a real asset to this new generation motorhome.

Of a rare elegance

Bürstner High quality, the furniture of this motorhome is refined and subtly enhanced by combinations of lighting. Wood, leather, materials are sophisticated and give an extra character to this Grand Panorama motorhome, which as its name suggests has a monumental windshield to offer you new horizons. Discover this range from the Bürstner group!

No compromise!

Chausson In the design of this range, the Chausson brand has forgotten nothing: perfect comfort, optimized livability and the choice of woodwork and fabrics. Thus, it declines its sure values, always on top of the trend. Many combinations allow you to personalize your motorhome and configure it as in your dreams.

Take the bus!

Millennium Luxury Coaches In this 13-meter-long coach transformed into a luxury motorhome, you benefit from an even more spacious space full of technology. Like a real road yacht, this Millennium model is inspired by the decor of a cabin in a chocolate atmosphere. Perfection down to the details that makes the manufacturer's hallmark.

Flexible lines

Prevost With its generous curves, this motorhome, again a furnished bus, invites you to relax with friends or family. Its interior with studied design makes this motorized house an ideal comfort to be at home everywhere and accompany you on all your travels.

Real strengths

Autostar Luxury, large space, and above all comfort, this vessel called Amiral, from the Athenor range from Autostar is over-equipped. With a length of 8.5 meters, it offers very large hold volumes and a lounge for up to 7 people, in a very chic beige and brown atmosphere to receive even in a motorhome.

A high-end model

Lifestyle Luxury RV Designed for the whole year, this motorhome will amaze you with the spacious living room and its incredible island kitchen. Beautiful wardrobes and luxurious equipment for remarkable comfort and an extraordinary road life experience. We validate this sober model from the Lifestyle Luxury RV brand.

This is space

Newmar Epicureans will be delighted. The kitchen of this Newmar Mountain Aire motorhome is as spacious and practical as at home. It even allows itself the luxury of owning a residential refrigerator, American fridge spirit, great class! And this high-end material is enhanced by the superb light wood finishes for a perfect motorhome.

Completely futuristic

Marchi Mobile The Austrian brand Marchi Mobile has made a strong point with this new model of luxury motorhome looking like a spaceship. Imperial comfort with clean lines. The living space is huge, the double bedroom has a "King size" bed and you can even relax in the air lounge located on the roof of the vehicle. The eleMMent offers you with its many qualities a unique travel experience.