Create a workspace in the teenage bedroom

Create a workspace in the teenage bedroom

It's not always easy to create an office in a small room! However, the teenage bedroom needs work space. So that the creation of an office does not become a headache, we suggest you discover 20 ideas to integrate it anyway in your teen's bedroom.

A desk under the bed

Fly In the same way, thanks to a mezzanine bed, you can place a desk under the space of the bed in order to create a 2-in-1 space which ensures an ideal space saving to enjoy the rest of the room.

A desk on the bed

Ikea Yes, yes, you read that right! It is possible to create a desk on the bed thanks to a console, the feet of which are placed on each side in order to offer a tray that crosses the bed. Real space saving, this new generation desk will not fail to please teens who do not want to leave their bed.

An office in a corner

Ikea To save space and bring the desk into the bedroom, we opt for a corner desk that will play three functions: that of a traditional desk for working but also that of storage thanks to lockers and also TV furniture. This is an optimized space!

A table in the room

Ikea In this teenage bedroom, we imagined a real little studio. So rather than opting for a bed, we choose a convertible sofa and this allows to install a multifunction table in the center of the room.

An office storage unit

Purpose To save space, do not hesitate to use 2 in 1 furniture. This smart desk is, for example, also a large storage shelf to store books and papers without taking up more space.

An office in a recess

Purpose If your teenager's bedroom has a recess, it will be an ideal space to place an office without it taking up too much space and hampering travel. The ideal is therefore to choose a desk whose width corresponds to that of the recess.

A desk by the window

Castorama In all the rooms of the house, the part of the wall below the window is often unused. In the teenage bedroom, we take advantage of this space to place a shelf that will serve as an office. The advantage is that your teenager will then benefit from good light to work.

A retractable desk

Fly Perfect for the teenage bedroom, the retractable furniture also works for the creation of an office. You can indeed choose a piece of furniture which offers a desk to unfold for working and which will take up a minimum of space once folded.

An office in the dressing room

Ikea Finally, if your teen has a storage wall in their bedroom, do not hesitate to put a desk in the cupboards so that it is discreet, and takes up little space while providing a workspace.

A desk opposite the bed

Leroy Merlin In this teenage bedroom, it is the sleeping area that has been enhanced by gaining height on a large step. As for the office area, it finds its place below just in front of the bed!

A 3 in 1 bed

Meublesandco Easy to save space in a small teenage bedroom with this 3-in-1 arrangement. The bed rises, the steps become drawers, the wardrobe accommodates all clothes and the office area is ideal for working with its multiple drawers and shelves.

An office that extends

Emob4kids We really like this desk, which is installed as an extension of the bed to form a practical and functional right angle. The plus: casters that allow you to move it at will.

A desk in front of the window

Maisons du Monde Does your teenager have a large bedroom? Do not hesitate to install a large desk in front of the window so that he can enjoy the natural light. With its multiple closets and drawers, it will have no excuse to leave everything lying around.

An office in its sitting area

Maisons du Monde Your children who have become teenagers dream of having a small seating area in their bedroom to welcome their friends. It is also an opportunity to slip in a British style desk to match the rest of this space.

An office under the mezzanine

Delamaison At the editorial office, we are fans of this office corner fitted out under the ultra practical mezzanine. Small shelves, large closet, a beautiful tray for working, your teen will inevitably fall in love!

A back to bed desk

Leroy Merlin We like the idea of ​​arranging the workspace back to the sleeping area! For the most perfect balance, we like the color reminder of the office chair with the bed frames and shelves.

An office under the roof

Leroy Merlin Rather than installing the bed under the roof, why not create the office area? To take advantage of the daylight, organize it at the level of the window. Nice, right?

An office in a small corner

Leroy Merlin He could almost go unnoticed! In this teenage bedroom, the office has been set up in a small corner so as not to hinder movement. That does not prevent it from being functional!

A desk like the bed

Cbc Furniture For a room with no false notes, create a workspace that looks like the rest of the room. Here, bed, chest of drawers, bedside table and desk have been chosen from the same range for the most harmonious result.