These bookcase headboards

These bookcase headboards

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Become essential to protect the wall when we are comfortably installed in our bed, the headboards can be doubly useful. Chosen as narrow furniture with integrated shelf (s), they become a small library corner! Clever to have your books close at hand when the evening comes.

Full-length book shelf

Fly ### The most of this headboard? Its pretty purple color, but especially its books! Indeed, it has a shelf adapted to the size of pocket novels. We can thus exhibit the entire collection. A very practical mini library that decorates above the bed!

The library is the headboard

Goal ### Change of roles. Here, it is not the headboard which turns into a bookcase, but the bookcase which becomes a headboard! An original way to decorate the sleeping corner and to have all of your albums, comics and books at your fingertips after dark. Notice to book lovers!

The bookcase headboard topped by a bookcase

Ikéa ### Thanks to its locker spaces hidden on its two sides, this headboard constitutes a small bookcase corner, itself completed by a wall shelf filled with books. A tip to group all your books in the same place in the room!

Storage boxes on the side of the headboard

Goal ### The bookcase headboard can also be used in male bedrooms. Here it has narrow storage compartments on the sides: it stores part of its books discreetly.