Art gallery effect on the walls!

Art gallery effect on the walls!

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Art galleries know how to highlight the infinite variety of works they exhibit. But they don't have a monopoly! Because in the house, nothing prevents us from exhibiting a series of paintings, photographs or drawings framed on the walls. A daring accumulation which makes it possible to create unique decors. Demonstration in images with 5 atmospheres that amaze the gallery!

The gallery effect on narrow shelves

Leroy Merlin ### Here, we don't worry about hanging each frame with a nail and a hammer. We simply have our collection of paintings on small wall shelves. Three in number, they indeed line the entire length of the wall, forming three distinct levels. A very graphic bias that allows you to vary the works at will but also the look of the wall!

The gallery effect mixes styles

Castorama ### Mixing styles is allowed as much as mixing formats when you want to play it art gallery effect in decoration. Here, a New York canvas is next to a table of old family photos in black and white and a picture frame. Quirky and daring.

The gallery effect in music

Leroy Merlin ### Are your private collections not paintings, drawings or photographs, but vinyls? Display them as if they were works of art! Framed, your 33 favorite towers could play it trendy and decorative. The proof in pictures…

The gallery effect, wise and orderly

Castorama ### In the living room, the wall stands out with a panoply of black and white photographs such as that of Robert Doisneau's famous "Kiss of the Town Hall". Here, the particularity is the staging. Rather than a mismatched rendering, we opted for a wisely aligned presentation, regardless of the size of the frames!