In detail

Maxi armchair and mini sofa

Maxi armchair and mini sofa

The chair is a must in the house. While it was confined to a place we find today more and more models that offer a place and a half or even two. The chair then becomes more user-friendly. As for the sofa, it becomes smaller and also passes in the format one place and more. The mix of genres is there!

To associate

La Redoute This La Redoute creation incorporates several modules including a small bench seat for one or two people. Associated with an ottoman, a corner piece of furniture or a large sofa, you can modulate your living room endlessly.

Without armrest

Ikea Ikea surprises us once again with this Kivik without armrest and which offers only one place. In black leather it becomes elegant and design while remaining sober and discreet. Perfect in a small space that does not lack taste.

Outdoor comfort

Maison du monde When you return from a ski slope or to rest in peace in your garden, take advantage of a large wicker armchair with several cushions.

Vintage design

La Redoute For a vintage spirit in the living room, we put on this low armchair which accommodates a person and a half. We love each other in two for a romantic evening or alone with a good book to relax.

Chocolate leather

La Redoute A small module for two in chocolate leather quickly returns to the feeling of warmth. You feel good in your living room where the warm colors are there.

Contemporary design

La Redoute La Redoute is a beautiful, very contemporary creation. XXL armchair in light fabric, its armrests and backrest are tangled together for a total modern look.

In colour

Maison du monde Maisons du monde offers us a series of colorful pieces of furniture to set the tone. Between vintage and pop, these creations remain in the trend of XXL armchairs, for an offbeat and colorful atmosphere.

Choice above all

La Redoute At La Redoute again, the modules are there. Here with lots of cushions and a neutral shade, the environment becomes very relaxing. These small benches for two are our best allies.


Maison du monde Inside and outside, you can take advantage of the comfort in an armchair that can accommodate one or two people to enjoy sunbathing alone or with others.