A solar decoration to extend the summer

A solar decoration to extend the summer

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Your vacation is beautiful and well finished. But rest assured, the editorial team invites you to extend your summer by adopting some clever and well-advised advice that will make you forget that your vacation is already far away. Bright yellow, coppery reflections or orange shades give a boost to your interior!

Sunshine your interior gently but surely!

Fly A few yellow "tie and dye" tealights will light up your decor. Showcase yellow by pairing it with soft hues like water green, pale pink and light gray.

The brilliance of the sun's rays

H&M Home Take inspiration from the light of the sun's rays and arrange on a console or the table in your dining room a series of candlesticks and copper boxes. Its reflective material will illuminate your decor.

A ray of sunshine in the kitchen

Ikea Give yourself a ray of sunshine in your kitchen with a bright yellow piece of furniture that revives it. No need to redo everything, a cupboard and two corded chairs are enough to infuse the style.

A wall like a sunset

Dulux Valentine Three shades are available on the wall. Straw yellow, pink beige and sugared pink offer a nice gradient of tones which gives the room a soft and serene atmosphere inspired by a sunset.

Sky blue

Maisons du Monde No sun without blue sky! Also, rediscover the immensity of a summer sky by adopting in your turn the palette of an azure sky to breathe into your interior a note of cheerfulness, always welcome as the days get shorter.

Stock up on vitamins

Maisons du Monde In summer, we fill up on vitamins. So take inspiration from the color of citrus fruits and their invigorating effects in your decor. Orange, pink, yellow will give a boost to your room!

The sun is synonymous with the beach

Maisons du Monde Rediscover the pleasure of being at the beach by adopting the pebble carpet. In beige tones, it will go well with all decorative styles.