Ikea spoils us for Christmas with its new collection

Ikea spoils us for Christmas with its new collection

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You may not know it, but in Sweden, Christmas is synonymous with reunion. Created under the sign of creativity and sharing, this new collection is directly inspired by traditional Nordic festivals. Red and white decorations, golden stars by the thousands, modern and magical decorative objects, will be waiting for you on the tree and on the table. Discover our 10 favorites, available from October in stores.

Soft light

Ikea What we love at Christmas is also the intimate and warm atmosphere that we create with soft lighting. If you are afraid of placing candles on the table with children, choose these pretty little lights that work with batteries. Large: 6.99 euros Lot of three small: 6.99 euros


Ikea Who says Christmas, necessarily says gingerbread and shortbread and at Ikea, we do not forget all these delicacies! We love the concept of this cookie cutter rolling pin that will allow adults and children alike to start cooking. 3.99 euros

Pretty ribbons

Ikea This year, your packages will be the most beautiful under the tree thanks to the gift wrap and pretty ribbons imagined by Ikea. The whole family gets started! The three rolls of ribbons: 3.99 euros The roll of gift wrap: 2.99 euros

Swaddled candles

Ikea We fall for these candles which seem to have put on their little sweater to face the cold. Sure they will warm up the decor of your living room all winter with their pretty red color!

A touch of modernity

Ikea Why not add a bit of contemporaneity to your traditional Christmas decor? We are in love with this village made of bleached paper which becomes, thanks to an LED, a superb light decoration. Placed on the edge of the window or on a console, it will have a little effect! Light decoration: 15.95 euros

Walls play the game

Ikea After decorating the tree, move on to decorating the walls. At the editorial office, we love these silver and red crowns which can also be attached to doors. Crown: 9.99 euros

Snowballs and New Years Day

Ikea We melt in front of these candles that look like little snowballs. No question of planning big battles in the house, but we simply have them here and there so that the snow is at least waiting for you inside.

At table !

Ikea Foie gras, stuffed turkey, chestnut log, we are already looking forward to sitting at the table to enjoy this pleasant family time. The plus: a great table decoration with some Christmas accessories such as these paper napkins that set the tone! 1.99 euros for 30 towels

All dressed in gold

Ikea The living room as the dining room is adorned with gold for Christmas. Rain of stars, suspensions, table runners play with gold and white for decoration with ease. Table runner: 6.99 euros Illuminated star: 9.99 euros