5 convertible sofas to accommodate your friends

5 convertible sofas to accommodate your friends

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When you don't have a guest room, receiving people is sometimes complicated. However, there are several sleeping solutions such as convertible sofas that are installed in the living room to make your life easier.

Corner sofa in bed

Ikea ### Note that the corner sofas also exist in convertible models. We then simply unfold a part to fill the void formed by the corner of the sofa. The coating is then done in width.

A traditional sofa in bed

Ikea ### If you don't have a very large living room, you can also choose a traditional sofa in a convertible model. The sofa then unfolds lengthwise to form the bed.

Extendable bench

Ikea ### In a room other than the living room, you can also install a convertible sofa. It will serve as a seat during the day and as a bed at night. This bench can for example become a bed for one person or can expand to create a double bed.

A drawer bed for children

Ikea ### Finally, to receive the children of your friends, nothing like installing them in the room with your own children. For this, it will be better to bet on a bed that has a drawer that turns into a bed.