6 all-blue decor ideas

6 all-blue decor ideas

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Take off with a blue decor! Version turquoise, clear, marine, electric, emerald or layette, blue offers endless possibilities of decoration. For the living room, in the bedroom and even in the kitchen, take inspiration from our selection of atmospheres around an essential color in decoration.

Blue kitchen SoCoo'c

SoCoo'c ### Blue for the kitchen It is rare to find blue models for the kitchen. But at SoCoo'c, we don't hesitate to get out of the ordinary! The navy blue color of the Balty model brings a touch of modernity to the whole, while being softer than a black model. Its brilliant blue combines with the sand color of the laminate worktop and the little touches of acid green. A cuisine with marine tones that is not lacking in liveliness (Indicative retail price including tax depending on standard layout: 1,710 euros).

Houses of the world

Maisons du Monde ### Blue gray This Maisons du Monde bedroom is for boys. The real boy's room, blue gray with the bunk bed, the Converse table made in England and the cushion adorned with the flag of the United States. To enhance the blue, we do not forget to put touches of colors, like here red and yellow. And for the cocooning side, there are cushions in the lower bed, which will serve as a bench.


Greengate ### Blue earthenware At Greengate, the specialist in earthenware dishes, you will find blue services, for a table worthy of doll houses! Patterns and floral prints mix, complement and combine easily. Lovers of bucolic tables will be seduced.


IKEA ### For the little ones An Ikea bedroom with blue in the spotlight. The bed, the wardrobe, the shelves, the rugs and the chair are blue. A bright blue which creates a cheerful atmosphere but which also calls for calm and rest. To inspire you with this atmosphere, don't forget to add touches of red, yellow and green.

Sigma blue wall

Sigma ### Green blue On the wall, a professional green paint from the Sigma brand, certified both ISO 9001 for quality and ISA 14001 for the environment. Get inspired by this very Zen living room, which focuses on the alliance of blue and white. To recall the blue of the wall, the cushions are available in the same tones. The white sofa, floor and carpet reflect the light.