Fleux presents its new winter 2014-2015 items after the Maison et Objet trade fair

Fleux presents its new winter 2014-2015 items after the Maison et Objet trade fair

On the occasion of the press presentation of the Fleux boutique in the Marais, discover the new products after the Maison et Objet fair. We can already tell you, copper and gold are still in place, marble and wood are more than ever at the forefront and small novelty, the hipster trend is also attacking objects. A good excuse to redo a little seasonal decoration…

We revise its geometry

The very visual geometric patterns attack candles and cushions. A successful graphic effect for a decor that slams! 3D cushion: 39.90 euros 3D candle: 14.90 euros

A tablecloth that is not afraid of stains

Surprise your guests with this table linen made of organic cotton. The multiple small blue stains that cover the tablecloth give it an unprecedented aspect of the greatest effect. Splash towel: 35.90 euros

Plants take center stage

The editor’s favorite at the last Maison et Objet trade fair for this clever object that allows plants to be pampered. The light and warmth that Bulbo gives off makes it possible to cultivate a real "home made" little garden. Bulb lamp: 319.90 euros


Fleux For a refined and charismatic decor, marble is your best ally. This black marble table also exists in white for a chic and trendy combination that deserves to be thought about! White chandelier: 290 euros Marble table lamp: 214.90 euros Marble table: 1679 euros (large model)

Cement tile effect rugs

You dreamed of a cement tile floor. Know that this dream is at hand with these vinyl rugs with emblematic patterns from the beginning of the 19th century. To put in the entry, the balcony or the bathroom, one appreciates in addition their side easy of maintenance since they do not fear humidity! Carpet: 79 euros 3 different models available

A selection with copper highlights

Fleux This is the flagship material of this winter, impossible to miss! So if you do not yet have a copper object, quickly catch up by letting yourself be tempted by one of these divine objects. Candlesticks, candles, lamps you will be spoiled for choice. Geometric copper box: 29.90 euros Golden dog: 55 euros

Back to school office

Fleux Still looking for the perfect office to store, work and decorate? We found him ! Practical storage with drawers of different dimensions, nice workspace to spread out and clean lines so as not to stifle your decor.

A snub to hunting trophies

Fleux The deer head has caught cold this season. Dressed in a little kitsch jingle necklace and a big cold red nose, he is just waiting to be invited warm in your decor. Wood trophy: 29.90 euros

A cardboard table football

Fleux Favorite for this cardboard table football. Large, it promises beautiful parties with family or friends. Cardboard table football: 109 euros