10 disguise masks to download for free

10 disguise masks to download for free

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Today, there is no longer a need to go shopping to find an original disguise mask. Many blogs dedicated to creative hobbies indeed offer downloadable models that can be customized to create a unique model. Demonstration!

A mask to paint

Picklebums For the past few weeks, your child has been tanning you so that you can buy him a Mardi Gras mask. No need to spend fortunes! This year, bet on originality by downloading a mask that he will enjoy decorating! * More info on this DIY: Picklebums *

Batman mask

Pretty Prudent The years go by and the Batman costume is still trendy. For one day, please your child by putting on his bat costume and the mask of his favorite superhero! Guaranteed effect! * More info on this DIY: Pretty Prudent *

Fox mask

Emma Mag Mardi gras is fast approaching! Out of inspiration, head to Emma Mag's blog which offers many masks to download. You have a creative soul and are a fan of sewing, head to the sewing machine armed with your boss and your fabrics. * More info on this DIY: Emma Mag *

Photobooth mask

Aubrey Trinnaman Born in the United States, the trend for weddings in France is no longer possible without the famous Photobooth, an animation in its own right which consists of taking pictures with fun accessories and offbeat in a place conducive to 'fun. Get ready for the game by downloading these pretty fun accessories! * More info on this DIY: Aubrey Trinnaman *

Pajama party mask

Funky Time You thought of the masks reserved for children. Think again ! In recent years, masks have made a remarkable entrance onto the catwalks and dress the most fashionable stars. For a pajama party between girls, don't hesitate to bring your little night mask! * More info on this DIY: Funky Time *

Butterfly mask

Hattifant This year, we opt for elegance and refinement with this pretty butterfly mask, a bit poetic, that your little girl will enjoy coloring. * More info on this DIY: Hattifant *

Cavalera mask

Happy Thought In the world of fashion and decoration, the skull and crossbones trend has been democratized over the years, so that today, we no longer hesitate to wear a dead head mask, symbol of day of the dead and Mexican tradition. * More info on this DIY: Happy Thought *

Pumpkin mask

Krokotak For Halloween or Mardi Gras, let's play squash! Or rather pumpkin with this orange mask in the shape of a pumpkin! * More info on this DIY: Krokotak *

Witch mask

Krokotak And why not a witch costume - but one that is not really scary! This year, we accessorize the black dress and the pointed hat of her toddler using a terrifying mask - or almost. * More info on this DIY: Krokotak *