Between the walls, an address to feel "at home" in Angoulême

Between the walls, an address to feel "at home" in Angoulême

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Located in the historic district of Angoulême very close to cultural places, the guesthouse "Entre les murs", fitted out like a small house, is a haven of peace ideal for staying in the city of the image.

The bedroom in total white look

Entre les Murs Duplex, the address is not lacking in charm and is structured like a real apartment. On the ground floor you will find a kitchen living room and on the second a bedroom open to the bathroom. Here, the bedroom has a charm with its attic part. Open to the bathroom, white predominates.

A cocooning room

Entre les Murs The bathroom is highlighted and is slightly raised on a platform. We like the gas fireplace which warms the general atmosphere of the room and which raises the temperature by a few degrees.

The video projector

Entre les Murs The only partition separating the bathroom and the bedroom is the video projector. An original and high-tech separation!

The dining area

Entre les Murs The kitchen is elegant with its simple and refined lines. It combines wood and marble and allows you to cook some good meals.


Between the Walls Savor the windows, a delicious breakfast to start the day off right.

The living room

Entre les Murs Contemporary-style furniture meets colors. Unlike the white bedroom, purple, anise green, fuchsia pink, chocolate brown take over the place.

The sunny terrace

Between the Walls Facing the sun side, the terrace promises beautiful moments of rest. Furnished with colorful designer furniture that contrasts nicely with the pink and black facade, it is large enough to have lunch or dinner there.