House I by Hiroyuki Shinozaki

House I by Hiroyuki Shinozaki

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Let's go to Tochigi in Japan to discover a surprising house designed by the architectural firm Hiroyuki Shinozaki. A house designed to accommodate a family of three and to rethink the common living space.

House I 2

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Under the dome ** The front door leads directly to the heart of the house.

House I 8

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Private life / common life ** House I offers the right balance between private life and common life: in this large domed volume, there are thus multiple spaces for private life. These are divided by stone walls - the stone having been extracted locally - which make up the edges of the dome and support the roof of this atypical house.

House I 4

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Skylight ** A central well allows light to flood the heart of the house.

House I 6

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Graphics and sense of perspective ** The slope of the roof and the different spaces created play with perspectives for the inhabitants.

House I 7

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Rest ** The rest areas are isolated.

House I 3

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Small spaces ** Around the central part, smaller living spaces are installed.

House I 9

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Light everywhere ** Even the smallest living spaces are flooded with light thanks to the cleverly placed windows.

House I 11

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Closing and opening ** Private spaces, more or less hidden, are both isolated and open, on the common space as on the surrounding nature.

House I 12

Fumihiko Ikemoto ** Common life ** At the heart of the house, the common living space allows the family to meet.