Comfort seen by Stressless

Comfort seen by Stressless

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Since 1971, Stressless has offered to make the living room a haven of comfort thanks to armchairs and sofas that allow you to relax after an intense day. Between very decorative lines and tailor-made comfort, you may well no longer want to leave their sofa.

An ultra comfortable armchair

Stressless ### The relaxing armchair is undoubtedly what made Stressless famous. Both stylish and comfortable, it even allows you to take a nap while lying down thanks to its seat which adapts to your movements.

Innovative design

Stressless ### The brand's ranges are original and have a design that can easily be adapted to any interior. In this living room, the sofa has very graphic lines for the design side and a very high back for everyone's comfort.

Personalized finishes

Stressless ### So that your sofa adapts best to your interior, Stressless offers its sofas in multiple finishes. You will be able to choose the color of the leather or even opt for fabric and select the base you want.

A home theater

Stressless ### Finally, to offer you comfort like in the cinema Stressless offers spacious and comfortable cinema armchairs with a shelf for placing a meal tray and a compartment for storing the remote control. Ideal for movie buffs!