Workshop spirit in the kitchen

Workshop spirit in the kitchen

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To cook in a friendly atmosphere and be on trend, we offer a kitchen that takes on the appearance of a workshop. Between a factory atmosphere and a spirit of yesteryear, this style seduces this room of conviviality where we appreciate the authenticity of the materials. Discover in pictures how to gently infuse this style into your kitchen.

A note of yesteryear

Ikea For a workshop spirit, we put on some notes which will give a retro air to the room. We can for example choose handles in the shape of a shell, a splashback in cement tiles and an industrial light.

A workshop window

Ikea For a workshop style in your kitchen, nothing like offering you an artist studio window. A good solution to close the kitchen space without losing light.

Recovered spirit furniture

Maisons du monde To give a workshop atmosphere to your kitchen, do not hesitate to choose furniture that seems recovered. You can opt for old-style furniture or simply play the mismatched card.

Raw materials

Ikea To give character to your workshop-style kitchen, you can opt for raw materials. We put for example on wooden worktops and we can opt for an aluminum coating on the bottom cupboards of the kitchen.

Workshop-inspired furniture

Lapeyre To establish the workshop style of your kitchen, you can complete the decor by opting for small furniture of industrial inspiration. We think for example of metal and wood stools that we could have recovered in a factory.

Industrial furniture

Baker Also think of more industrial furniture like metal furniture which will find its place particularly well around a central island.

Decorative accessories

Lapeyre To accessorize your kitchen, consider using decorative objects that have a history. For example, we use a wooden case with old inscriptions, old jars or metallic letters that will be displayed on the wall.

The colors of a workshop kitchen

Lapeyre Do you want to add a little color to your workshop-style kitchen? Know that red can perfectly match this atmosphere. It can be installed on a wall or on furniture to bring a little dynamism.

The wood / metal association

Mobalpa The must of a workshop-style kitchen? Combine wood and metal for an atmosphere that is both raw and warm. Then prefer light wood to create a contrast with dark metal.

Metro tiles

Leroy Merlin After choosing gray furniture, a large mottled wooden table, a metal pendant light and leaving the pipe of the hood visible, consider installing white metro tiles in your workshop-style kitchen.

A string of suspensions

Leroy Merlin A good idea to remember to give a workshop atmosphere to your kitchen: multiply the metal suspensions as above this island. Do not hesitate to mismatch the sizes for more authenticity.

Concrete effect

Perene Easy to arrange a workshop style kitchen in a room that has such a beautiful glass roof! To add a raw touch, cover the floor with dark gray waxed concrete and choose raw wood furniture.

In an artist's studio

Ikea Favorite for this kitchen installed under a magnificent glass roof which gives it a luminosity that we may envy you! The most decorative thing we like: a large metal bar on which we hang all the utensils!

All stainless steel

Ikea Think of stainless steel furniture to give a workshop style to your small kitchen. Also prefer the shelves to display your dishes and utensils!

With a large island

Mobalpa We love this wooden and metal island that gives this space a real artist's studio look. The plus: illuminated display cases that highlight your prettiest dishes.

A touch of modernity

Mobalpa Don't be afraid to bring a little modernity to your workshop style kitchen. With this furniture that combines raw wood and lacquered doors, voila!

A rough wood island

Leroy Merlin We love the old chairs found on a flea market that settle around a superb central island in raw wood. A subtle workshop style that we don't hesitate to reproduce with us!

A workshop table

Leroy Merlin We love the contrast of colors that has been chosen in this kitchen with this deep black and this bright yellow. As for the wooden and metal table, it adds the much sought-after artist workshop touch!

Patinated furniture

Maisons du Monde For a top artist's studio look in your kitchen, we suggest that you adopt these raw wood and metal furniture designed by Maisons du Monde. We also like the mismatched gray tile floor which brings a real little extra.