When the coffee table becomes storage!

When the coffee table becomes storage!

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Because we are always looking for additional storage, the coffee table can also become a storage unit! Thanks to ingenious shapes, you will be able to store a few magazines, bottles or even trays within the table. Demonstration.

A low table storage unit

Maisons du monde ### There are coffee tables that are real storage furniture thanks to drawers and integrated storage lockers. This coffee table has for example two drawers but also a large basket that can serve as a magazine rack.

A trunk coffee table

Fly ### To store everything and anything in the coffee table, we choose a trunk-shaped coffee table! Indeed, this type of table will give a very decorative and original style to your living room while allowing you to store bulky things.

A bar coffee table

La Redoute ### If you are used to having an aperitif in your living room, you can choose a coffee table in the shape of a cube that contains a compartment for bottles. You will then simply have to open the table to serve the aperitif.

A coffee table with drawers

Maisons du monde ### Finally, be aware that you can opt for a very classic model with drawers. The coffee table is then self-contained and includes, for example, six drawers for storing papers, cutlery, napkins, etc.