SOHO: the new collection of tiles by Surface

SOHO: the new collection of tiles by Surface

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Inspired by the landscape, history and personality of the British capital, the Soho collection invites us to discover the textures that characterize its infrastructures such as bricks, wooden floors and irregular geometric patterns. Made of porcelain stoneware and available in a palette of 15 new shades, the collection offers a surprising backdrop to traditional or contemporary interiors.

Color "chalk"

Surface In the kitchen, we put on a much lighter color: the "chalk" shade which gives the room a really chic and refined decor. You can also choose the small tiles to cover the table. The harmony is perfect!

In the tip of Hungary

Surface With this chevron tile, you can create a parquet effect laid on the point of Hungary on the floor without risking the slightest false note. The illusion is perfect!

For moving walls

Surface To give relief to your walls, dare the briquette-style tiling in a gray shade. In a living room for example, it gives a trendy urban style.

Small tiles

Surface We are totally in love with these small dark tiles which give a stone look to the wall where they are installed. Between traditional style and more contemporary look, they adapt to all decorative desires.

For an original splashback

Surface Want a splashback that doesn't look like the neighbor's kitchen? All you have to do is adopt this tiling in natural colors which is undoubtedly the seductive asset of the room.

For a chic and contemporary living room

Surface In a living room that aims to be chic, contemporary, even a bit masculine, this dark herringbone tiling designed by Surface is the perfect ally!

Mix shapes and colors

Surface Thanks to the four shapes and the 15 colors imagined for this Soho collection, you can create a truly unique space. All you have to do is let your imagination run wild.