Maisons du Monde spoils the tree with its Christmas collection

Maisons du Monde spoils the tree with its Christmas collection

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This year again, Maisons du Monde has redoubled its creativity to make your Christmas decoration unique. The Christmas tree in particular is offered 6 themes to shine brightly in the middle of the show: Child, Winter, Glacier Rose, Gold, Antique Silver and Circus. A highly decorative program in which we have found 10 favorites! To discover immediately in pictures…

Snowballs and New Years Day

Maisons du Monde We are a fan of this Christmas tree decoration that looks like a beautiful snowball! We hope that she will bring some flakes for D-Day. 2.50 euros

Red glitter

Maisons du Monde This transparent fir ball carries dozens of red glitter. Perfect for a decor that is both traditional and contemporary! 1.99 euros

A bright snowy star

Maisons du Monde To make the tree shine as it should, don't forget the traditional bright star! We melt in front of it, covered with snow and small pine cones. 12.99 euros

Small barley sugars

Maisons du Monde For a gourmet tree, we adopt without delay this pretty decoration made up of several small barley sugars. Yum ! 3.99 euros

An ancient ball

Maisons du Monde Do you want a tree that looks like those made in the rich houses of yesteryear? Easy with this ball with a soft iridescent grid from the Antique Silver collection! 3.59 euros

Golden wood

Maisons du Monde This garland of gold and white woods is a real favorite! Sure it will have its little effect once placed on your tree! 14.99 euros

Funny bells

Maisons du Monde To amuse the children when it comes to decorating the tree, we suggest these two bell-decorations bearing the image of Santa Claus and a snowman. 2.99 euros

A few twigs

Maisons du Monde Small wooden twigs slipped into a transparent ball, a little artificial snow and small pine cones, it was enough to create a truly original decoration for the tree! 3.99 euros

A snowy fir

Maisons du Monde Do you like fir trees with all-white decorations for a very refined interior? Then this ball with a snowy fir decoration is made for you! 2.99 euros