10 kitchens without tall furniture

10 kitchens without tall furniture

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Who said that the kitchen must have tall furniture? If you don't need maximum storage space, you can do without it. The good news is that it offers lean cuisine that will be pleasant to live in. Discover in pictures 10 kitchens that rely only on low furniture!

A kitchen in front of the window

Ikea By not using tall furniture, you can completely place your kitchen in front of a window in order to benefit from good light and offer you a beautiful view when you cook.

Lighter cooking

Paragraph To lighten the kitchen, we do not need tall furniture and we prefer, for example, to opt for decorative shelves that will allow you to store some accessories while playing the decorative card.

A central kitchen

Aviva By passing on tall furniture, the kitchen takes on a new dimension and can thus free itself from the walls. It then takes place in the center of the room in the form of a very large island.

An atypical cuisine

Leroy Merlin If you do not use tall furniture, you will be able to place your furniture in an atypical space such as on a sloping wall. Your space will then be optimized and nothing will prevent you from offering an entire wall of storage on another wall of the kitchen.

Counter kitchen

Aviva Without a tall unit, you can position your kitchen like a counter that will be a link between two spaces. It is ideal in a large living room which combines activities.

Laboratory-style cuisine

Aviva If you have a nice kitchen surface, you can do without tall furniture and install lots of low furniture. Not only will you be able to store a lot of accessories, but you will also get a worktop worthy of the name like a pastry laboratory.

A kitchen with dressed walls

Ikea Do not use tall furniture does not mean that your walls must remain empty. On the contrary, dress the set with a beautiful splashback and accessories that will allow you to hang some utensils.

Clean cuisine

Fly If you want to play the pure sketch in your kitchen, the absence of tall furniture will allow you a very designer look. You can still offer shelves that allow you to install designer accessories.

A kitchen in any room

Ikea Finally, be aware that if you do not use tall furniture, you can install your kitchen anywhere and in any room. Why not in the living / dining room like here with this bold kitchen?