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Secrets of beautiful gardens: an unusual touch!

Secrets of beautiful gardens: an unusual touch!

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It is not because one is a well-kept garden, growing under the gaze of thousands of visitors, that one should refuse all fantasy! In these gardens which are among the most beautiful in France and make us dream by their charm and their impeccable ordering, sometimes hide unusual touches. It can be funny or simply smart ideas, which it is not forbidden to be inspired to energize your own garden!

Visit of the gardens of the Château de Breteuil

Château de Breteuil ## Gardens of the Château de Breteuil We play here not only on the forms, but also on the reliefs for a total change of scenery! These boxwoods, cut into very different shapes, constitute a very original covering for this gentle slope.

Notre Dame d'Orsan Priory

François Berraldacci ## The gardens of the Notre Dame D'Orsan priory An ornament in the ornament! Rather than simply letting this bignogne run along the wall at will, the gardeners of the Priory of Notre Dame d'Orsan have taken the lead in guiding it to form a most romantic plant heart. An idea to take up right away! Visit the gardens

The gardens of Eyrignac

Eric Sander ## Jardins d'Eyrignac Certainly, not everyone has the space to reproduce such a scene! But why not be inspired by its principle, even to energize small areas? Here, it is the shapes that create the rhythms that energize the space: standing shrubs with antlers cut into a ball, cubic or cylindrical topiaries and cypresses to bring the slender touch.

Bosmelet Castle Gardens 006

château de Bosmelet ## Gardens of the château de Bosmelet Nothing like a radical bias to catch the eye. Here, it is the color that plays this role, with the choice of 100% purple! This monochrome rendering is not synonymous with monotony since it is obtained through the marriage of different essences, and even different families of plants (aromatic plants, vegetables, flowers ...). Visit the gardens


La Chatonnière ## Jardins de la Chatonnière What this aerial view teaches us is that a garden can offer a most interesting spectacle, even when you get high! And what better tribute than that of those plants which, united, together form a most successful plant symbol? An idea to remember for those whose garden can be observed from a certain height. Visit the gardens

Bambouseraie d'Anduze

Jean du Boisberranger ## La bambouseraie d'Anduze What we learn from this scene from the Bambouseraie d'Anduze is that plants can lend their "bodies" to ornaments. Here, thin bamboo barrels are thus surrounded by a most elegant gold corset! Visit the gardens

The wild garden of the Manoir de Merlin

Le Manoir de Merlin ## Wild Garden of the Manoir de Merlin Do you know the traditional insect hotels? Here they are renewed in the purest medieval style, for the greatest pleasure of arthropods of all kinds! Visit the gardens

Plant swans

Point Du Jour Garden ## Point du Jour Nursery Garden Here is one of the most original ways of reinventing the topiary classics… of bringing them to life even we would like to say! Nursery visit

The gardens of Séricourt

Les jardins de Séricourt ## Jardins de Séricourt When choosing your furniture, the choice is often made on wood, metal or plastic. And why not on the vegetable? Provided you have a good shear, no other type of furniture can claim to blend more naturally into the decor! Visit the gardens