10 table decorations imagined by Options

10 table decorations imagined by Options

Maison Options presented its new fall-winter 2013 tableware collection. We invite you to discover it in pictures and find the inspiration you are looking for for your party tables.

A chic table in black and red

Options To bring chic and character to your table, you can bet on a duo of strong colors like black and red. Then play with the candle light to create a refined and cozy atmosphere.

A festive buffet

Options For your New Year's Eve tables or your chic receptions, the buffet has a little effect. The decor tip: align the different glasses in groups and give height to the whole with large vases.

A warm table

Options For a warm table, Maison Options relies on iridescent materials on which the light of the many candles that can be installed in the center of the table can be reflected.

A precious table

Options For a precious side, we put on the shine of silver with a tablecloth and accessories that display this color. The candle light will be reflected in the dishes for a magical atmosphere.

A golden table

Options For a precious decoration, gold is also there. Dishes, candles and other accessories are adorned with gold on a burgundy background for a royal decor.

A chic table

Options You can also combine gold and silver for an elegant and festive table. These colors will be ideal with pretty transparent glasses.

A frosted table

Options For a contemporary Christmas, we adopt this table in dark tones awakened by red Santa Claus glasses and dressed in frosted effect branches.

A colorful table

Options So that the table plays the card of good humor, we bet on colors. All the dishes are adorned with different colors for a joyful and festive atmosphere.

A boudoir table

Options Finally, for a feminine and chic table, we opt for a table in purple and white where the centerpiece is a real work of art.