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30 DIY fashion to shine through the night

30 DIY fashion to shine through the night

Glitter pockets and tights, pumps and sparkling jewelry… At the end of the year, glitter and other shiny materials are popular. So if the approach of the holidays makes you want to shine brightly, follow the guide.

DIY rubber bands for the holidays


Hair elastics come out their best for the Christmas holidays. Their secret: colored, shiny or glittery bands of elastic cut and assembled to form fashionable and trendy elastics for the holidays! Very simple! More info on this DIY: Minted

The little knot that makes all the difference

Oh the lovely things

To put the mirettes in full on D-Day, accessories are essential. But out of the question to wear our everyday jewelry, we opt instead for the essential and timeless gold color which is making a come back for the occasion. And to give a new breath to her little black dress, we make a ring using a piece of wire and a golden bomb. A discreet and elegant accessory that will inevitably have a little effect! More info on this DIY: Oh the lovely things

Chic sportswear

AEO Style

The pieces inspired by the sports locker room invade our dressings for the end of year celebrations. So do not hesitate to customize our favorite pairs for the occasion. A little glue, blue and silver glitter and voila! More info on this DIY: AEO Style

A necklace that caused a sensation

Plan B Anna Evers

Instead of spending fortunes on costume jewelry that you will then leave lying around in your closets, create this sublime necklace that will bring the final touch to your holiday outfit! A piece of leather, earrings and chains recycled for the occasion, some rhinestones and crystals… all you have to do is get started by following step by step the tutorial from Plan B Anna Evers. More info on this DIY: Plan B Anna Evers

Flashy earrings!

Honestly WTF

How can you give a festive look to your overly sober party outfit? It is enough to bring together some rhinestones then to assemble them in the form of a stylized leaf on a piece of golden metal. Patience and dexterity will be required if you decide to take the plunge. More info on this DIY: Honestly WTF


Wedding Obsession

Too cute these rhinestone earrings! Do you dream of having the same? Easy ! Attach rhinestones of different shapes and sizes to a small washer using a tube of glue. And for a more festive look, do not hesitate to choose colored rhinestones. Mini budget, maximum effect! More info on this DIY: Wedding Obsession

Accessory for party attire

Oh the lovely things

To accompany your festive outfit and have as much sparkle as the star that lights up our nights, get started in the production of this triangle necklace and golden chain. More info on this DIY: Oh the lovely things

Shine brightly!


Out of the question for the end of year celebrations to dress and to dress up as usual! To be dazzling and radiant, the friendly blog I Love to Create invites you to transform your old jewelry into glittery and colorful creations. But will you be tempted? More info on this DIY: I Love to Create

Lamé is trendy

A splendid blend

The lamé trend is still rampant on the fashion planet this winter 2015. Impossible to escape it, whether you are very trendy latest trend or simply more classic. To bring a luxury and modern connotation, make yourself a lamé bag. It is certainly not the easiest to achieve, since you need to have sewing basics, but the result is simply sublime. If you decide to get started, you will need lamé, a zipper, a sewing machine and a little time in front of you! * More info on this DIY: A splendid assembly *

Gold is trendy!

A splendid blend

Once all your equipment has been assembled, all you have to do is choose the color of your model. Silver version to bring a touch of sparkle to your outfit or gold version to shine until the end of the night ... it's up to you! * More info on this DIY: A splendid assembly *

Snow princess dress

A pair and a spare DIY

The holidays are coming! Gifts and… pretty outfits. Between Christmas and Christmas Eve of 31, you have to choose from dresses, tuxedos and other classy and elegant sets. At the editorial, we literally fell in love with this custom dress. To make it, you just need a little white dress with a round neck, sequins, thread, a needle and a sewing machine. Ready to take on the challenge? To give a glamorous style to your outfit, start by shortening the length of the dress. Then, using your thread, your needle and your sequins, you just have to customize the neckline of the dress and voila! Gorgeous ! * More info on this DIY: A pair and a spare DIY *

The black dress we want for the holidays

I spy DIY

The ultimate in glamor, you can also opt for the essential little black dress, provided you customize it! To give it a little magical air, the idea is to opt for rhinestones to ask. Peel off the paper holder with rhinestones, put the strip in the desired location and then using your iron, peel off the rhinestones. An idea to remember! * More info on this DIY: I spy DIY *

A sparkling Peter Pan collar

Hello natural

Forget the total black look, for the holidays, the Peter Pan collar becomes emancipated and wants to be truly trendy. In a removable version, it perfectly accessorizes any dress, T-shirt or small sweater. For Christmas Eve, we dare to choose fantasy by choosing rhinestone / glamor. First step, we download a Peter Pan collar model. The model is superimposed on black felt and cut out, so that it covers the entire model. Once glued, it only remains to arrange and glue the glitter. A sophisticated piece that will not leave anyone indifferent! * More info on this DIY: Hello natural *

High fashion pumps

Honestly WTF

Nothing to put on for Christmas Eve or not yet had time to tackle it. Do not panic ! Here is a brilliant idea to customize your pretty pumps. A few rhinestones, a pair of vertiginous heels, glue, a good dose of patience… 1,2,3 let's go, this year, we are putting on our 31! * More info on this tutorial: Honestly WTF *

Ballerinas: we are going out!

Miss kris turner

To shine without competing with the garlands of the tree, here is an idea that will delight fans of little ballerinas. Easy to make and inexpensive, the idea is to use the tweezers and a point of strong glue on the glitter on the front of your ballerinas. Magic ! * More info on this DIY: Miss kris turner *

Pumps to shine during the holidays

DIY and craft tutorials

To end this year 2014, we dare the golden pumps. First step, cover your old pumps with a thin layer of glue. Then, we generously put glitter on our shoes and let it dry for five minutes. Finally, we uniformly spray a transparent coating to fix the glitter and let it sit for thirty minutes… and that's the job! * More info on this DIY: DIY and craft tutorials *

Discreet chic and glamorous pumps

Could i have it

Likewise, you can decide to sublimate your festive outfit by decorating the soles of your shoes. Strong glue, a few glitter and a good dose of patience… that's what will enhance an outfit, even the simplest, in two steps, three movements! * More info on this DIY: Could i have it *

Wedge evening shoes

DIY Couture

Also know that it is quite possible to customize your wedge shoes for the holidays. So don't hesitate to roll up your sleeves and opt for sparkly shoes. * More info on this DIY: DIY Couture *

Trendy clips for festive shoes

Wedding paper divas

Looking for an original idea to dress your shoes for an evening? We dare the clips! Glitter masking tape, shoe clips, strong glue and scissors and your shoes will transform into a chic and magical creation. A nice customization that will certainly have its small effect! Tutorial via: Wedding paper divas

The tights want glitter


For tights that shine all night long, here is a very simple idea to carry out! Buy a pair of simple tights, spray it with glue, then scatter the glitter here and there. Nice, right? * More info on this DIY: Moustachic *

The sequin clutch

Fab diy

The sequins and sequins remind us all of the party and the gifts. Thus, we do not hesitate to adopt them on our holiday outfits. To enhance the colors of an outfit that is a little too sober and give it a mysterious and luxurious side, we dare the gold sequin clutch. On a rectangle fabric, make eight circles using a compass and cover them with sequins using threads and needle. The circles covered with sequin, you just have to do the same on the lower part and sew the edges. * More info on this DIY: Fab DIY *

A golden handbag

Aunt peaches

Since everything that shines is still relevant this season, make yourself a unique and original handbag using an old pocket, golden garlands and glue. Easy to make and inexpensive, it will appeal to reduced budgets. * More info on this DIY: Aunt peaches *

A glamorous headband

And then we saved

Fashion accessories can also put on their party clothes. So, at the editorial office, we thought of presenting you this pretty glittery headband. And in addition, it is easy to carry out. Seduced ? Start by covering your headband with glue and then, on a sheet of paper, cover it with pretty glitter. Silver, gold or copper, it's up to you! * More info on this DIY: And then we saved *

Queen's crown

Delightfully Tacky

This year, to be the queen of the party, we make a crown worthy of the most beautiful queens. First step, cut a strip of fabric a little wider than the circumference of your head and cover it with shiny paint. Cut out stars of different sizes on cardboard paper and cover them with golden paint. Finally, stick them on the fabric ... and that's the job! * More info on this DIY: Delightfully Tacky *

Fairy shooting stars

Hello whimsy

Don't forget the accessories! For New Year's Eve, we offer you this hairpin decorated with pretty stars. Rhinestones, wire, little stars covered with glitter and voila! Child's play ! * More info on this DIY: Hello whimsy *

Custom bars for Christmas Eve

The beauty department

Adopt discreetly the glitter trend for the holidays is possible with these pretty golden DIY barrettes. To make them, start by making a heart or star shape or any shape of your choice using glue. Then cover them with pretty glitter and let them dry. Finally assemble the golden part with a traditional hairpin. * Tutorial via: The beauty department *

A bar in golden sequin

The glitter guide

Similarly, you can also make yourself a pretty bar for the holidays using a sequin ribbon, a hot glue gun, a pair of scissors and your sewing kit. To achieve it, you don't have to be an expert. Start by cutting your ribbon into three pieces (two of the same size and another smaller). Put a point of glue in the center of the two ribbons of identical size and fold the two ends to form an arc. Then wrap the smallest piece in the center of the first two so as to form a small knot. Finally, use your sewing kit to properly assemble and secure the three pieces. * More info on this DIY: The glitter guide *

Gold or silver, it's up to you

A splendid blend

At the editorial, we fell in love with these adorable little rings perfect for little and big princesses. Glitter, glue, an adjustable ring with an adjustment pad, a toothpick and a disposable container ... these are the supplies you will need. First step, we pour 1/2 teaspoon of glitter into a disposable container and then add glue. Using a toothpick, the mixture is then placed on the ring and the mixture is spangled again. Let it dry ... you're ready to exhibit your latest creation. * More info on this DIY: A splendid assembly *

Funny rings

Martha Stewart

Finally, to shine brightly and sublimate your outfit in the most beautiful way possible, make a Christmas ball ring. Brush wooden balls with glue, drop the sequins one by one. And, finally, stick the ring to the ball. An ideal creation for the end of year celebrations. * More info on this DIY: Martha Stewart *