Smart storage in the bathroom

Smart storage in the bathroom

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You have to believe that the bathroom does not support the kit. Today it multiplies ingenious ideas allowing everything to be stored, and good! Small extract of this impeccable mania.

A well hidden dressing table

Lapeyre ### Guess what this column unit hides? A corner dedicated to beauty with integrated mirror, shelves and drawers! Discretion highly appreciated when the bathroom is mixed. The little extra? The furniture turns on as soon as the door is opened. The fairer sex sees clearly when it comes to dolling up…

Sliding door for closet

Lapeyre ### Amazing cupboard under basin! The doors with the incessant flaps which obstruct the passage as soon as they are opened have been replaced by this curved sliding model which opens naturally downwards. And hop, the inside of the closet lights up. What ingenuity.

Compartmentalized drawer

Ikea ### Difficult for the drawers to keep a good hold when mixing nail polish, hair brushes, eyeshadow and jewelry…. Unless you compartmentalize everything! When every little thing is in its place, we waste less time finding them. Simple, but clever.

Sliding storage

Lapeyre ### With this piece of furniture under the basque, you will no longer find yourself on your knees, hand in the back of the cupboard, trying to catch a new shampoo. The solution to the problem? A sliding system with full extension that allows visibility of the contents of the whole closet and find everything in the blink of an eye!

Extractable shelves

Lapeyre ### Under the sink: two drawers, but above all, two shelves that you can take out entirely from the cabinet show ingenuity. And for good reason ! We can thus store and find more easily soaps, shower gels and bath linen!

A duo of drawers of different sizes

Lapeyre ### Two drawers are hidden inside the sink. The opening of the first, called the English drawer, is short, the other much wider. The idea? Split the storage space by size and object so as not to tangle brushes. The small drawer thus accommodates jewelry, brushes and varnish, the second the bath linen, more voluminous.

A bottle maker

Lapeyre ### Another version of extractable storage. This time it is a sliding bottle, whose narrow width has been designed just so that you can store your bottles and beauty products.

The shelf is on the side

Ikea ### This hand basin may be very small, the storage space just below it has been optimized to simplify our lives. The idea to steal? Two visible shelves on the front and on the side. A choice thus allowing to keep within reach the accessories of the bottom of the cupboard usually difficult to catch.

Mini column

Ikéa ### The bathroom storage cabinet has, on its side, a narrow open column so that small accessories such as care and beauty products can be placed. A really practical supplement.