A dream game room in 10 lessons

A dream game room in 10 lessons

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The games room brings out the big game! To delight its occupants under the age of 12, here it is revealing its best of: 10 essential ideas for furnishings, furniture or accessories, promising great moments of fun and entertainment. To discover now!

A wardrobe with disguises

Ikea ### Mom, knight, princess, pirate, dancer or superhero, one thing is certain, when children play, it is without any limits that they slip into the skin of different characters, changing roles as shirt! But with disguises, it's even better! Hidden in a storage chest or in a wardrobe, this unusual wardrobe will delight little ones.

An artists' table

Ikéa ### A playroom without markers or white sheets, it is no longer a playroom! Only a few pencils, pots of paints and aprons allow it to welcome 100% creative breaks that delight young budding artists.

A dinette

Ikéa ### Pampered for several centuries, the dinette has not said its last word! Between improvised snacks, setting up a restaurant table or indoor picnics, small-format dishes have a lot to offer our toddlers.


Ikéa ### Playing like a little fool in the games room, taking a break, picking up a book in the library, settling down comfortably, reading it or browsing it with your eyes and letting the imagination take action… What's more? A low long bookcase, adapted to the size of toddlers!

Playful accessories

Ikéa ### Since they are thirsty for laughter and delirious games, we bring into the child's room, funny accessories in which they can sneak, jump and go crazy!

Little games

Ikéa ### Kaplas, legos, playmobils, figurines or dinette accessories: all these little things have the gift of catching the imagination of children. No way then to do without! As for storage, large bins, cubes, trunks or baskets are all indicated so that they make the bazaar disappear in two stages three movements.

A star platform

Ikéa ### The show is one of the most popular games for children. Nothing like a stage for them to invent a puppet theater or imagine themselves professional singers or dancers in front of the furious audience made up of brothers and sisters, comrades, parents or even stuffed animals!

A school space

Maisons du Monde ### Because they spend a large part of their time at school, many children play… teachers and schoolchildren! Quickly, let's leave the desk, chalk blackboard, terrestrial globe, ruler and extra large square to appropriate the games room in the afternoons, almost studious perspective…

A dressing table corner

Maisons du Monde ### For girls, playing is regularly synonymous with beauty! Installed at their miniature dressing table, they can invent improbable hairstyles, wear pearl jewelry, try on a dress as well as mom's heels before daring, exceptionally, a little touch of makeup…